Should I Get a Sugar Daddy? Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Sugar Baby

The thought of getting a sugar daddy crossed the mind of almost every girl at one point in life.

What is not to like about having a sugar daddy?

You get most of your expenses covered just by going out with older men…

If you are lucky, your sugar daddy might even pay for your car, tuition, and even vacations.

It seems like a perfect arrangement for every girl.

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However, before you jump into a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship you should consider the negative aspects as well.

It is important to take a look at how this relationship might impact you in the long term.

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What are the Sugar Daddy Relationships and Expectations?

In basic terms, a sugar daddy relationship is when an older wealthy male is paying for the companionship of a younger attractive female.

There is nothing new with older men dating younger women and it happened from the beginning of human history.

However, there is a difference between dating an older guy and having a sugar daddy.

When you date an older guy you might actually love him and that is the reason why you are both together.

Similar to a sugar daddy, he might buy things for you since he probably already has a good career, however, this is not the reason why you date him.

In the sugar daddy relationship, on the other hand, the woman expects the guy to buy things for her and that’s the reason why she goes out on dates with him.

She might not even feel any affection for him.

The main expectations of the sugar daddy relationship are that the guy will pay money or buy things for a woman while the sugar baby will be willing to go on dates and in most cases sleep with a guy.

As you can see there are some moral issues with this type of relationship.

Now let’s take a look at some cons and pros of being a sugar baby.

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What are the Advantages of Dating a Sugar Daddy?

1. He Will Pay for Your Expenses

This is great if you are still in school, can’t work, or maybe a single mom.

You might be able to graduate from college debt-free.

2. He Will Give You an Allowance

In addition to helping you out with your expenses, some sugar daddies often give their sugar babies an allowance.

3. More Free Time

If you find a generous sugar daddy, you don’t have to work.

This means if you are studying you will have more free time to focus on your school.

4. Free Travel

Some sugar daddies like to bring their sugar babies with them when they are taking a vacation or going on a business trip.

5. No Strings Attached

Usually, there are no strings attached to a sugar daddy relationship and you can leave him at any time.

This also means that you can date more than one guy at a time.

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What are the Disadvantages of Dating a Sugar Daddy?

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1. Your Friends Might Disapprove

You will probably lose some of your close friends if they find out about you dating a sugar daddy.

2. You Will Need to Hide Your Relationship From Your Parents

Your relationship with your parents and relatives might be negatively affected if they find out that you are dating a sugar daddy.

Not every parent is okay with their daughter dating an older guy for money.

Some sugar babies choose to hide their lifestyle to avoid awkward conversations with their relatives.

3. Possible Longterm Negative Effects on Your Mental Health

You will always feel obligated to do intimate favors for guys when they pay for you. This ultimately might result in a loss of self-esteem.

In addition, some sugar daddies might treat you as a disposable date and this is not good for self-esteem either.

4. Trouble Having a Long Term Relationship

Not many guys will be okay if their girlfriend sleeps with someone else.

It might also be hard for you to date ordinary guys because they will not be compensating you for going out with them.

5. Your Sugar Daddy Might Leave You at Any Time

Because there are no strings attached, your sugar daddy might leave you at any time for someone younger and more attractive.

Finding a new sugar daddy might take time and if you don’t have any savings it can put you in a tough financial situation.

6. Possible Damage to Your Reputation

In the world of social media rumors spread like fire. This can potentially affect your job prospects later in life if you decide to get a full-time career.

7. The Potential of a Physical Mistreatment

It is not always easy to judge men when you meet them online and this means that you might run into someone who might physically and emotionally mistreat you.

8. You Might Catch an STD

Sugar daddies usually have more than one partner and this might expose you to STDs if you don’t use protection.

9. You Might Get Used to Easy Money

It can be quite addictive to date a sugar daddy and you might not feel like getting a real job that will likely pay less and require more effort from you.

Before diving into sugar daddy dating it is always a good idea to try conventional online dating.

If you meet the right guy, he will love you and will support you financially. This will help you to avoid all the cons that come with dating a sugar daddy while still getting most of the benefits.

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