11 Signs He Likes You Over Video Call

It’s just another ordinary night and you’re settled in front of your laptop, cozy in your favorite sweater.

But tonight is also different because you’re about to hop on a video call with this guy – yes, the one who you’ve been texting with for a bit now.

The screen lights up and there he is. He looks great, even better than in his Tinder photos!

You have a great conversation – there’s laughter, there are jokes, and yes, a fair amount of flirting and teasing.

You even start to wonder if this could be the beginning of something wonderful. After all, isn’t that what everyone hopes for when joining dating apps like Tinder or Bumble?

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But despite those tingling “this-could-be-something” vibes, you find yourself questioning: Does he feel the same way?

What if it’s just friendliness and he’s just as flirty with every other girl he meets online?

Or worse, what if you’re misreading his signals and mistaking his casual interest as something more? It’s easy to get swept up in those doubts.

This is especially challenging over the video call on FaceTime, WhatsApp, or Zoom where the lack of physical presence can often blur lines.

After all, how can you interpret body language over a screen?

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Signs He Likes You Over Video Call

1. He Makes Strong Eye Contact

When it comes to understanding someone’s feelings toward you, their eyes can reveal a lot. This applies to video calls as well.

If a guy likes you, he would want you to feel his presence and there’s no better way to accomplish that than by maintaining good eye contact.

This shows that not only is he interested in what you are saying, but he is also trying to connect with you on a deeper level.

His eyes might light up every time he sees you over the screen. He doesn’t feel distracted nor shy away from prolonged looks – that’s him trying to establish closeness over a video call.

2. His Reaction When You Call Unexpectedly

Pay attention to his responses when you surprise him with spontaneous calls. Most people act according to their true feelings when they aren’t prepared or taken by surprise.

If he enthusiastically welcomes your unexpected calls and shows happiness in seeing your face pop up on his screen, chances are he likes talking to you.

This enthusiasm can be seen in several ways, from a simple ‘How wonderful to see you’ to an excited interruption of his current schedule just to speak with you.

3. His Body Language

Physical positioning and subtle gestures are important indicators too. Did you notice if he leans in more towards the screens when you start telling about your day?

Observing this form of virtual ‘leaning in’ can suggest that he’s interested in the conversation and wants to hear everything you have to say and show him.

He may also sit up straight; this posture shows not only respect but interest. This is his way of subtly expressing that he wants to be as present as possible even through the screen.

4. He’s Always Smiling

If you frequently catch him smiling while on a video call with you, there’s a strong possibility he enjoys your company.

A genuine smile can never be faked and is a universal sign of happiness.

Assertive but without imposition, the smile speaks louder than words about their feelings, even when those feelings remain unspoken.

And we’re not just talking about the obvious grinning-from-ear-to-ear type of smile.

Look for those subtle, tender smiles that sometimes twinkle in the corners of his eyes more than on his lips.

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5. He Listens

How do you know if someone is genuinely interested in what you’re saying?

They listen and bring up the details from prior conversations because they consider you important enough to remember what you’ve said before.

Does he recall that random joke you made two calls back or ask about that tight deadline at your work you mentioned?

These are signs that he’s not just passively present during your calls but actively involved in the conversation.

If he’s bringing up things you’ve talked about before, he cares beyond the surface-level chatter.

And don’t we all appreciate someone who truly listens? It’s not just about being polite, it’s also about showing their genuine interest in knowing more about us.

6. His Compliments Are Genuine

There’s a big difference between cheesy pick-up lines and genuine compliments.

He might compliment you on your thoughts, your infectious laughter, or even how your face lights up when talking about your passions – signs that he is paying close attention to you as a person.

These little compliments are unique because they show interest beyond just physical appearance.

They reveal that he values not only how you look but also who you are.

7. He Teases You

Teasing is often part of flirting, but when it’s done right with respect and good humor it’s also a sign that he feels comfortable being himself around you.

It should be light, fun, and not aimed to cause offense or discomfort.

8. He Shows His Surroundings

If he’s taking efforts to give you a small tour of his house or casually revealing his personal space during video calls, it means he wants to invite you further into his life.

It may appear as simple gestures like showing off his newly acquired book collection or cooking dinner ‘together’ via screen sharing some recipe instructions.

But remember, through exploring these virtual cribs, he’s extending a symbolic invitation into his world where only chosen ones are welcomed.

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9. He Often Initiates

One of the strongest signs of interest is who initiates most of the video calls.

If he’s consistently the first one to hit dial, it sends the message loud and clear – he enjoys your company and just can’t wait to chat!

10. He Appears Nervous

Nervousness can often accompany genuine likeness – trust me on this one! Let’s face it – we all want to put our best selves forward when we like someone.

So if he’s fidgeting or stumbling over words more than you’d expect, it could mean that he is trying to impress you, leaving him mildly anxious during your virtual dates.

11. His Calls Last for Hours

Let’s talk about the length of your video chat sessions now. Do they continue for hours? Are conversations so engrossing that you often lose track of time?

As cliché as it may sound, time indeed does fly when spending with someone we truly like!

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