What to Say on Tinder? (17 Ready to Use Tinder Conversation Starters)


Ever had problems with trying to come up with something to say on Tinder? If you are you came to the right place. Here you will find conversation starters that will help you out with your Tinder game.

How to be successful on Tinder?

Tinder is online dating app extremely popular among the younger population. Most people who use Tinder are usually just looking to have fun and finding someone for long term relationship is not their first priority. Therefore if you want to be successful on Tinder your messages should be fun, flirty and unique. If you sound boring in your messages it will convey that you are also boring in the real life. Here we collected the best Tinder opening lines that you can use if you have no clue what to say on Tinder but want to get replies. These messages are mostly for guys trying to pick up girls but if you are a girl you can use them as well, just remember to change them slightly.

  1. I really enjoyed reading your profile, seems like you got your shit together which a lot of women don’t have. Anyway, I would love to get to know a bit more about you. Hit me up if you want to chat!
  2. Hey there! How’s it going? 🙂
    I just finished reading your profile. You seem like a really interesting down to earth person! I would love to get to know you some more 🙂
  3. Hey, Disney princess how’s your day going?
  4. Hey, how’s it going? My name is YOUR_NAME. I noticed that you mentioned that you have a few places you want to visit in the future. I was curious as to what some of them might be?
  5. Hey GIRL’S_NAME, what’s your favorite exotic location you’ve visited?
  6. Your smile is simple but disarming at the same time. What the most exciting thing you did lately?
  7. Hey, I’m not Mr. Right. I’m actually Mr. Wrong J But I’d still love to know more about you. How have you been lately?
  8. Hey GIRL’S_NAME! How are you? I just had to stop by and drop you a line. You’re such a beautiful girl who sounds to be nothing short of spectacular! Something that seems to be in low supply of in this town, so why not give it a shot? What do you think?
  9. Hey there! Did you get up to anything exciting this weekend?
  10. Hey GIRL’S_NAME you seem cool so I figured I would message you. Random question, what do you like to do in your spare time?
  11. Hi GIRL’S_NAME. I love people who enjoy traveling. Would you love to meet up and share stories?
  12. Hey GIRL’S_NAME 🙂 You sound very adventurous and you are absolutely gorgeous 🙂 If you’re interested I’d like to hear more about you 🙂
  13. Hey GIRL’S_NAME , I have to be really honest, I know I’d end up just kicking myself later if I didn’t message you right now lol…definitely, would like to get to know you 😉
  14. Tinder says we can tell our kids we met here sitting in our underwear while locking eyes across the… cyberspace, but I’m willing to lie to them about that one tiny detail.
  15. Hey GIRL’S_NAME! How sweet are you? On a scale of chocolate dipped strawberries to a vanilla milkshake?
  16. Hey there you look fantastic, guys must be lining up to take you out! How was your day?
  17. You may need some legal representation because your looks can kill J

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

As you can see most of the messages above will help you to stand out among all other guys on Tinder who are lazy and only use messages such as “What’s up?”, “How it going?” or “Hey Sexy”. Have fun meeting ladies!

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