100+ Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You’re In the Mood Over Text

Do you ever feel shy about telling your boyfriend you’re ready for some fun time?

You might be worried: Am I coming on too strong or being too vague? Is this the right time? And what if he’s not in the mood right now?

I know, it can get stressful. Plus, it’s tricky to find the perfect words to tell him that you are feeling a bit frisky.

But hey, it’s important in a relationship to be honest about what you want. After all, getting comfortable talking about these things can make your relationship more exciting and fun.

How to Tell Your Boyfriend You’re In the Mood Over Text?

1. “Hey babe, wouldn’t mind spending tonight cuddling… and maybe more?”

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2. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. Can’t wait to show you how much later.”

3. “I’m having some thoughts… some very naughty thoughts…”

4. “Just bought new lingerie, want to see?”

5. “Remember that time we…? Can we have a rerun tonight?”

6. “Could use some cuddles right now and perhaps more.”

7. “So, I’ve been daydreaming today about you, me, and our bed.”

8. “You + Me + Bedroom = Magic Tonight?”

9. “Hurry home, I’ve got surprises for you.”

10. “Who knew that just thinking about you could turn me on?”

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11. “I can’t stop thinking how steamy things can get between us tonight.”

12. “You have no idea how much I want you right now.”

13. “My bed feels cold without you.”

14. “Waiting for you in bed… The rest is up to you.”

15. “Feeling adventurous tonight, want to join?”

16. “Feeling pretty hot right now and only you can cool me down.”

17. “Should we play our favorite game tonight?”

18. “Imagining your hands on me is turning me on.”

19. “Can’t decide if I need a hug, a nap, or… you.”

20. “Lying here feeling empty without my man.”

21. “How about we recreate our first time together?”

22. “Just watched a steamy scene in a movie, it reminded me of us.”

23. “I miss feeling your lips against mine.”

24. “Had a dream about us last night, curious to know what it was?”

25. “Your text got me blushing… and more.”

26. “Need some help unwinding later? I have some ideas…”

27. “Missing your touch more than you know.”

28. “Tonight’s plan? Me + You and very little clothing.”

29. “How about a hot evening together?”

30. “Guess what color my underwear is?”

31. “Feeling like a naughty girl waiting for her prince charming.”

32. “I want to show you how much I missed you today.”

33. “Remember our vacation? Can we bring that vibe into the bedroom?”

34. “My lips miss yours.”

35. “What if we put away our phones tonight and let our bodies do the talking?”

36. “Need your hands all over me right now!”

37. “Feeling a bit restless tonight and missing you.”

38. “Pouring wine for two and lighting candles, feel like joining?”

39. “Babe, this bathtub is too big for one person.”

40. “Tonight’s forecast: cloudy with a chance of us cuddling naked.”

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41. “Remember that thing you do that drives me crazy? Want it right now.”

42. “Funny how my body starts craving you the moment I see your name on my phone.”

43. “I hope our neighbors aren’t home because I’m feeling extra loud tonight.”

44. “Are you up for some excitement tonight?”

45. “These sheets feel a lot better when you’re in them.”

46. “Your body against mine sounds perfect right now.”

47. “Have some free time to fulfill one of my fantasies?”

48. “Feeling fresh after a long shower. Want to help me dry?”

49. “How about a pillow fight tonight and the winner gets a reward.”

50. “You have no idea the things I want to do to you.”

51. “Ready for round two of last night’s fun?”

52. “I’ve got a surprise waiting for you at home… Hope you’re ready.”

53. “I could really use a back rub from your magic hands right now.”

54. “I’m thinking dessert should be on me tonight… literally.”

55. “Turn up the AC, it’s going to get hot tonight.”

56. “Been practicing yoga, want to test my flexibility?”

57. “These blankets are so soft… you know what would make it even better?”

58. “Champagne and strawberries in bed… interested?”

59. “I promise if you come home soon, it’ll be worth your while.”

60. “I’m feeling restless… can you guess why?”

61. “Hurry home love, I have special plans for us.”

62. “How about some ‘us’ time after dinner?”

63. “Candles are ready for tonight…”

64. “The chocolate syrup isn’t just for the ice cream tonight…”

65. “Think you can handle what I have in mind for later?”

66. “How about some uninterrupted alone time?”

67. “How about an X-rated movie at home? Starring us”

68. “Your shirt is coming off as soon as you get home.”

69. “Wanna play a little game called ‘room service’?”

70. “There’s no one else I’d rather be naughty with than you, babe.”

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71. “Tonight seems like an excellent night for some indoor cardio”

72. “I’m starting without you… so better hurry.”

73. “What’s the fastest you can get here?”

74. “Ready for a good workout tonight? With me, of course.”

75. “I can think of a few ways we could spice things up tonight.”

76. “Wondering if you’d make my dreams come true tonight “

77. “Want to hear a secret? It involves you, me, and the bathtub.”

78. “Just slipped into something cozy… should I keep it on?”

79. “How about we skip dinner and move straight into dessert at home?”

80. “So excited about the new lingerie I purchased today…”

81. “Let’s have ‘an eat dinner in bed’ night?”

82. “You remember our favorite role-play game? How about tonight?”

83. “Ooo baby… I miss how your hands explore my body…!”

84. “Miss your warm cuddles….and more…”

85. “Excited about our alone time tonight?”

86. “Long day… Could use a massage or…”

87. “Should we have a pillow fight tonight?”

88. “Having wild thoughts about you…”

89. “Ready for an intense session of Netflix and really chill?”

90. “How about ending the day unwrapping each other?”

91. “Shower together later, save water perhaps?”

92. “Currently imagining you pushing me against my bedroom wall…”

93. “You and me, candlelight, silky sheets…”

94. “Wanna play hide and seek… under the covers?”

95. “I’ve been a good girl all day, time to change that…”

96. “Looks like there’s a chance of 100% precipitation in my bedroom tonight.”

97. “Clear your schedule – your hands are needed elsewhere tonight.”

98. “How fast can you get here? There’s something I need you to do…”

99. “You know what makes a great dinner? Whipped cream.”

100. “Imagining how we could rearrange the furniture for more… interesting activities.”

101. “Your mouth should meet mine tonight. Non-negotiable.”

102. “I think we should mix things up in the bedroom tonight, don’t you agree?”

103. “Wish you were here to satisfy my cravings…”

104. “Ice cream sounds delicious… just not sure if it’ll end up in my mouth or on my body.”

105. “Don’t plan anything after work. I’ve already made plans for us… in my bed.”

106. “In today’s menu, we have kisses for starters and you for the main course…

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