20 Reasons Why Guys Go on Dating Sites Right After a Breakup

Did you just break up with your boyfriend and now only a couple of days later he is already on Tinder or Bumble? Ouch!

If that isn’t a slap in the face, I don’t know what is. It stings.

Is this a rebound thing? Is he just flexing his newly single status? Or is he possibly swiping away to drown out the memories?

The burning question remains: did the relationship even mean a thing to him?

Before you spiral down that rabbit hole of overthinking, let’s dive deep into what might be going on in that head of his.

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Why Do Guys Go on Dating Sites Right After a Breakup?

1. The Ego-Boost

Breakups can bruise egos. And for some guys, nothing massages that bruise better than strangers giving a nod of approval.

Think about it: you’ve probably had days where a compliment from a stranger uplifted your spirits.

It’s the same for them. A bunch of women swiping right is an instant ego band-aid. It’s like “Hey, you’re still hot!” And just like that, they’re temporarily back in the game.

2. Distraction

You know when a song is so stuck in your head that you play another track just to get it out? Guys might use dating apps similarly after a breakup.

The haunting silence and memories post-breakup are drowned out by the buzz of new notifications, messages, and potential matches. It’s like turning up the volume on a new track to blur out the old.

3. Fishing for a Rebound

Remember rebound flings? They’re like that “treat yourself” shopping spree after a bad week.

Guys, after a breakup, might indulge in emotional retail therapy by going on Tinder or Bumble.

It might be impulsive, chaotic even, but in their minds, it’s a distraction worth taking.

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4. Filling That Void

The end of a relationship can feel like you’re suddenly missing a piece of a puzzle. And the natural instinct? To find a replacement piece.

For some guys, dating apps are like Amazon for emotions. Browsing, checking out, and maybe even finding that potential new piece to fill that void.

5. Curiosity

Remember when a new ice cream shop opened up in your neighborhood, and you just had to try it?

A breakup, for some, is like stepping out and seeing that new ice cream shop. With a long relationship behind them, they’re curious about flavors they’ve missed out on.

6. Reinventing Themselves

Breakups can spark a desire for change. For some guys, this means a new hairstyle, a gym membership, and… a brand-new dating profile.

Showing this refreshed version of themselves to the world (or at least the online dating world) can be a confidence booster.

7. To Make You Jealous

Remember those teen movies where one tries to make the other jealous by showing a new partner at a party?

There’s a chance he’s hoping to see if his active online dating life stirs some emotion in you. A little play to see your reactions, perhaps?

Or maybe it is his odd way to get you back if you were the one who dumped him…

8. Fear of Being Alone

Silent rooms, no texts buzzing, and solo Netflix binges can intensify the fear of being alone.

Just like you might get a new hobby, or immerse in books to keep the loneliness at bay, they might resort to dating apps. A temporary fix, but a fix nonetheless.

9. Seeking Validation and Comfort

Isn’t there a sense of solace in knowing you’re still “wanted” by someone? Especially after a breakup when self-worth can take a hit.

Each like, swipe, or message whispers, “Hey, you still got it!” It’s less about moving on and more about seeking validation.

10. Out of Boredom

Gone are the days of joint movie nights or game sessions. Now, with more time at hand, guys sometimes resort to dating apps just to beat the boredom. Let’s face it, the swiping game can be oddly addictive.

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11. Testing Their Market Value

Have you ever browsed online stores without any intention to buy? Just checking your options.

That’s what some guys do on dating apps after a breakup. They’re assessing their “market value.” It’s like a reality check to see how they fare in the dating market.

12. Escaping Reality

Reality can sting, especially immediately after a breakup. The dating world, with all its potential and adventures, offers a compelling escape.

For some guys, it’s less about finding someone and more about fleeing the present.

13. They Were Already On It

Harsh, but possible. Maybe he was already on Tinder before you even broke up out of curiosity, boredom, or worse.

It’s not the most comforting thought, but hey, better to know late than never, right?

14. Updating Their Relationship Status

Sometimes, it’s not about looking for new matches but updating old crushes about their newly single status.

Think of it as a “Back on the Market” announcement.

15. Avoiding Self-reflection

Introspecting post-breakup can be daunting. Dating apps serve as an easy escape from that.

By keeping themselves busy with new chats and potential dates, they dodge the bigger questions and emotions they’re not ready to confront.

16. To Prove Something to Themselves

Sometimes it’s a personal challenge. Like a “I can get back on the horse” kind of mentality.

They want to prove to themselves (and maybe to others) that they can still play the game, even if deep down, they’re not ready.

17. The ‘No Strings Attached’ Appeal

Some guys are just looking for casual flings or short-term fun. Dating apps can be their go-to place to find that, especially if they’re not ready for anything serious post-breakup.

They just use dating apps like Tinder to find women to satisfy their “needs” and not to build anything meaningful with them.

18. Peer Pressure

“Bro, you should totally get on Tinder!” After the breakup, friends can sometimes put on a lot of pressure.

Being constantly nudged by friends to “get back out there” can push some guys to join the swiping brigade, even if they’re on the fence about it

19. To Simply Feel Normal Again

Breakups can shake one’s sense of normalcy. For some guys, getting back into the dating scene, even just online, can be a step towards regaining a sense of routine or normality in their lives.

20. They’ve Already Moved On

Sometimes, it’s as simple, and as brutal, as this. Maybe the breakup didn’t hit them as hard. Maybe they had been mentally out of the relationship long before it officially ended.

The dating apps might just be them moving on and looking for something, or someone, new.

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