100+ Funny Ways to Respond to a Ghoster Who Comes Back

Did you get a message from someone who ignored and or ghosted you in the past and now you are debating whether you should reply back or not?

Depending on what happened between you and the ghoster you may feel confused or even angry by their return.

The first option is just to ignore them but that may not be the best way to handle it, especially if you want to give them a second chance or find out what exactly happened.

One way to approach this is to use humor and joke about their disappearance to give them a chance to explain themselves and apologize.

After you get the explanation, you can decide if you want to give them another chance or not.

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If you need some ideas to get started, take a look at the examples below and pick something that applies to your situation.

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How to Respond to a Ghoster Who Comes Back?

1. Where have you been hiding?

2. You must have been in witness protection or something?

3. Hey, long time no see or hear in this case!

4. You were hibernating or something?

5. Wow that’s some serious disappearing act you got going on there.

6. So do I get a refund since you left me hanging like that?

7. Hey, what have you been up to?

8. I always knew you had the power to disappear, but this is getting a bit ridiculous!

9. You must be a ghost because I thought you disappeared

10. Well this is awkward guess I should call the Ghostbusters now

11. Haha, so you decided to reappear!

12. Nice try! You can’t just come back like nothing happened!

13. Abracadabra, the ghoster has returned!

14. Okay, let’s hear your explanation for being MIA like that

15. I was wondering when the mystery of your disappearance would finally be solved!

16. Is there a reason why you decided to drop off the face of the planet for so long?

17. I’ve been wondering where you’ve been all this time!

18. Hey stranger! Where have you been?

19. Well this is a nice surprise…

20. It’s been so long that I forgot what you look like!

21. Oh, it’s you again!

22. You didn’t call, text, or e-mail but now here you are!

23. Where did you wander off to this time?

24. Thanks for coming back. Now please explain yourself!

25. Hey! Long time no see (or hear). Where have you been?

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26. Better late than never I guess but why are you here now?

27. You’re lucky I have an awesome memory and still remember who you are.

28. Whoa! Didn’t think I’d hear from you again!

29. So glad to hear from you again… NOT!

30. Nice of you to drop by, I was beginning to forget what you looked like!

31. Just when I thought it was safe to move on…

32. What took you so long?

33. You know what they say – better late than never!

34. Maybe now is a good time to tell me why you disappeared.

35. Oh, it’s you again! How have things been?

36. Well, look who decided to show up again! Welcome back!

37. Hey Mr. Ghoster – I missed you! Where have you been?

38. Well, well – if it isn’t my friendly neighborhood ghost again!

39. Wow it’s you again! Was it something that I said that made you vanish into thin air?

40. Well, welcome back…

41. Oh hey! You’re alive!

42. Please don’t disappear again, I’m getting tired of playing hide-and-seek with you

43. Long time no see… where’ve you been the past few weeks?

44. Hey there stranger, what made you come out of hiding?

45. Whoa! Where did you come from?

46. Couldn’t stay away, huh?

47. Haha oh wow it’s been so long since we talked! What brings you back around here now?

48. You gave me a scare! Where have you been?

49. Long time no see! What made you resurface?

50. You ghosted me, but now you’re trying to slide back in?

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51. Well hello there! Where have you been for the past few months?

52. I thought I recognized that number! Where did you go?

53. Did you just need a break from me?

54. Oh no, not you again!

55. Sorry, who is this again?

56. Didn’t expect to hear from you again so soon!

57. Wow it’s been a while since we talked last time…

58. Hey buddy, nice of you to drop by after all this time!

59. Oh look who decided to come back!

60. Long time no talk, you must have been busy!

61. I’m still waiting for an explanation here…

62. So what brings you back from the other side?

63. You better have a good reason for ghosting me like that!

64. Alright, let’s hear it – what’s your excuse this time?

65. Hey there, glad you decided to show yourself again!

66. Well well well, look who came crawling back…

67. You’re a bit late to the party!

68. Is this some kind of joke?

69. Did you get lost or something?

70. Are you sure you have the right number?

71. Your timing is impeccable – not!

72. Haven’t seen you around since Halloween, what happened?

73. This isn’t really a good time for me, but okay what do you need this time?

74. Long time no hear! What can I do for you?

75. To what do I owe the pleasure of your presence after such a long disappearance?

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76. Well, it’s been a while since I heard from you, where have you been hiding?

77. Well that took longer than expected…

78. That was bold of you – I’m impressed!

79. Alright, so now that you’re back, where have you been all this time?

80. Welcome back! Now let’s get straight to the point

81. I’m literally speechless that you’ve decided to show up again

82. It’s gonna take more than “I’m sorry” this time

83. Oh boy, here we go again…

84. So you finally decided to resurface? It’s about time I guess!

85. Wow, I feel like I have seen a ghost.

86. You know what they say, it’s never too late to apologize!

87. Well you missed out on a whole lot of fun while you were gone!

88. Oh wow, look who decided to pop back up again!

89. Poof! You were gone, now you’re here again

90. Is this like a magic trick where you just disappear and reappear randomly?

91. So you just needed to take a break from me?

92. No worries, I figured that you will be back sooner or later

93. Where have you been this time? Haunting someone else?

94. Alright, alright – let’s hear your excuse!

95. Alright, I’m listening but you better make it good!

96. Oh wow, welcome back! Now tell me what happened this time!

97. So you decided to make an appearance again? Care to explain why?

98. Alrighty then, time to hear your excuse for ghosting me. Go ahead spit it out!

99. So you thought you could just ghost me and come back as if nothing happened, huh?

100. If you were expecting a warm welcome after disappearing on me, sorry to disappoint!

101. You didn’t expect me to forget what happened, did you?

102. It took some courage to come back, I guess…

103. Well this is awkward so what do we talk about now that you’re back?

104. Impressive disappearing act there and now an equally impressive reappearing act!

105. To be honest, I don’t even know how to respond right now…

106. I was a bit worried about you! Where the heck have you been all this time?

107. Ghosting is one thing but coming back is another…

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