18 Signs He Loves His Side Chick

A side chick is a woman who is romantically involved with a man who is already in a committed relationship with someone else.

The idea that you man might be seeing another woman can be very hard to accept, but it is important to remember that every relationship is different and some women have reasons for allowing their guy to have a side chick.

For some women, it may be a matter of low self-esteem, where they feel unworthy of love and believe that having an unfaithful boyfriend is better than being alone.

Other women may be in an open relationship where both partners agree to see other people, blurring the lines between what is considered acceptable and unacceptable behavior.

In the honeymoon phase, when everything seems perfect, the idea of a side chick may be inconceivable.

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However, as reality sets in and couples face challenges or become bored, the idea of fooling around with other people becomes more tempting.

For many couples, it could be a way to rekindle the excitement and passion that has faded over time.

Regardless of the reasons, recognizing the signs that your man is falling in love with his side chick is very important because it can help you to decide whether you want to continue with this type of relationship arrangement or not.

So let’s take a look at some signs that your boyfriend or husband loves his side chick more than you.

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Signs Your Boyfriend or Husband Loves His Side Chick

1. He spends more time with her

If your man is always making excuses to be with his side chick and spends more time with her than with you, it is a sign that he might be falling in love with her.

He may cancel plans with you or show up late to events because he was with her.

2. He always chats with her

If your man is always texting, calling, or chatting with his side chick, this could be another sign that he loves her.

He may be constantly checking his phone when he’s with you or even leaving the room to talk to her in private so you can’t hear what they are up to.

3. He takes her on trips

If your man is taking his side chick on romantic getaways, this is a huge red flag.

This could include weekend trips, vacations, or even day trips to nearby attractions.

It shows that he is willing to invest time, money, and effort into her, which is a sign that he probably really likes her especially if he doesn’t do the same for you.

4. He buys her expensive gifts

If your man is showering his side chick with expensive gifts, it’s another indication that he loves her.

This might include designer clothing, jewelry, or electronics.

It means that he’s willing to spend his hard-earned money to make her feel more attracted to him.

5. He hides his side chick

If your man is trying to hide his side chick from you, it is another sign that he is probably falling for her.

He may create fake social media accounts, delete messages, or lie about where he’s going to keep you in the dark.

6. He gets defensive

If your man gets defensive or angry when you mention his side chick, it’s likely a sign that he really likes her.

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7. He compares you to her

He may make comments about her appearance, intelligence, or personality and compare them to yours.

This might be his way of rationalizing his feelings for her.

8. He spends holidays with her

If your man chooses to spend holidays with his side chick instead of you, it’s another sign that he loves her.

This could include birthdays, anniversaries, or even major holidays like Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

This is a time when people typically spend time with their loved ones, and if he’s choosing her over you, it’s a huge red flag.

9. He changes his appearance

If your man starts to change his appearance, such as dressing better or working out, it could be a sign that he’s trying to impress his side chick.

He may start wearing cologne, getting different haircuts, or changing his wardrobe to look more attractive to her.

10. He shares secrets with her

If your man is confiding in his side chick about personal issues, it’s a sign that he trusts her and is emotionally invested in her.

This is a dangerous sign for your relationship because it means he’s turning to her for emotional support instead of you.

11. He always defends her

If your man is always defending his side chick, it’s a sign that he likes and wants to protect her.

He may make excuses for her behavior, take her side in arguments, or downplay any negative qualities she may have.

12. He spends money on her

This could include buying her gifts, paying for her rent or bills, or taking her on expensive dates.

He may even be financially supporting her in ways that he’s not supporting you.

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13. He introduces her to his friends and family

If your man is introducing his side chick to his friends and family, it’s a sign that he loves her.

This shows that he’s proud of her and wants to include her in his life.

It’s also a way for him to gauge their reactions and possibly seek approval for his actions.

14. He prioritizes her needs

This could include canceling plans with you to be with her or making decisions based on her needs instead of yours.

He may bend over backward to make her happy, even if it means letting you down.

15. He always talks about her

He may bring her up in conversations with you or your friends, constantly praising her or sharing stories about their time together.

This is especially concerning if he’s not as excited to talk about you or your relationship.

16. He’s emotionally distant

If your man becomes emotionally distant from you while growing closer to his side chick, it’s a sign that he is starting to fall for her.

He may be less open with you, less affectionate, and less interested in your thoughts and feelings.

17. He’s physically distant from you

This could include less affection, less physical intimacy, or a general feeling of distance between the two of you.

18. He treats her better

If your man treats his side chick better than he treats you, it’s a big red flag.

This could include being more attentive, more affectionate, or more thoughtful with her than with you.

He may prioritize her happiness over yours and make sacrifices for her that he wouldn’t make for you.

If you notice any of the signs above, it might be time to have a conversation with your partner about your concerns.

Trust your instincts and don’t ignore the signs.

If your partner is truly in love with his side chick, it’s time to reevaluate your relationship and decide what’s best for you.

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