19 Ways to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On

Did your boyfriend or girlfriend admit to cheating on you and now you don’t know how to stop thinking about it and move on?

Ouch, I can almost feel the sharp sting just thinking about it. Whether they said it was a “one-time mistake” or you’ve taken the bold step of dumping them and have started dating someone new, it’s super hard to keep those intrusive thoughts at bay.

I totally get it – it’s like you’ve been handed a front-row ticket to the most twisty upside-down emotional rollercoaster of your life.

Was it something you did? Or didn’t do? Maybe you start feeling paranoid that everyone’s out to play games with your heart.

Heck, even the sweet texts from your new crush suddenly seem suspicious. Was that “I love you” real or just another trick?

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And sometimes at night, lying in bed, you might even think: “What if this new guy or girl I started seeing cheats as well?”

But let’s try to understand why some people cheat and then take a look at the easiest ways to stop overthinking and move on.

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How to Stop Overthinking After Being Cheated On?

1. Understanding the Cheater Psyche

Let’s be clear – cheating ain’t cool. But sometimes understanding the “why” helps.

Some people cheat because they’re wrestling with their own inner monsters. They might feel lost, crave attention, or honestly, just make a dumb decision without thinking it through.

This doesn’t excuse their behavior, but sometimes it’s not about you not being “enough”. It’s about their own mess.

So even if it hurts like a bee sting, remember this: their bad decisions don’t define your worth.

2. Talk About It

When life gives you lemons, what do you do? Vent to your buddies, of course! Chatting with them or even seeing a therapist can offer a fresh lens to look through.

And, sometimes, just getting it off your chest makes you feel like a hundred pounds lighter.

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3. Limit Replays

Looping the bad memories is like re-watching a sad movie scene over and over. What’s the point?

Every time that scene tries to play in your head, picture yourself grabbing a giant remote and smashing that ‘STOP’ button.

Then, switch over to something cheerful, like that one time you and your friends got so drunk that you ended up in the wrong house.

4. Box of Memories

Okay, so you’ve got a bunch of stuff that brings back memories of the ex who cheated on you.

Here’s an idea: gather it all up, throw it in a box, and seal it. You can store it in the attic, toss it, or hey, go dramatic with a “goodbye past” bonfire night.

5. Work on Self-Love

Look, they messed up. Big time. But that doesn’t mean you need to feel down. It’s time to roll out the red carpet for the VIP – you!

Whether it’s a full-blown spa day, a movie marathon (with extra popcorn), or just dancing around in your PJs, remember this: you’re 100% worth it.

6. Set Boundaries in Your New Relationship

So, there’s someone new on the horizon? That’s exciting! Just remember to chat with them about your past, lay down some ground rules, and most importantly, communicate.

Think of trust like a little plant; give it some sunshine, water, and a little love, and soon you’ll see it blossom.

7. Stay Active

Shake it off, literally. Whether you’re shaking your booty in a dance class, jogging, or just doing star jumps in your backyard, moving equals happy chemicals in your brain.

So the next time you’re feeling low, maybe go to a Zumba class or even try hot yoga.

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8. Read a Book (Or Three)

Books have the magical power of transporting you to another world.

Whether you’re diving into tales of romance or trying to solve a twisty mystery, books can offer a sweet escape.

And if fiction isn’t floating your boat, self-help books can work even better in helping you to move on.

9. Unplug from Social Media

Social media can sometimes feel like that high school reunion you never asked for. Seeing everyone’s reels, especially of your ex, can be a downer.

So why not try a digital detox? You don’t have to ghost the internet forever, but taking a break, even if it’s just for a weekend, can be super refreshing.

Plus, imagine all the cool stuff you can do with that extra time!

10. Write It Out

Remember those teen diaries or the poems scribbled at the back of your notebook? Time for a comeback!

Writing is therapeutic. Whether you’re jotting down your feelings, writing a short story, or channeling your inner poet, there’s something about putting pen to paper.

It gives your thoughts a place to live outside of your head. Plus, who knows? You might just discover a hidden writing talent!

11. Seek Closure (If Needed)

Feeling like you’re dangling with unanswered questions can be frustrating. If you believe that a calm and mature conversation with your cheating ex can offer closure, give it a shot.

But, and this is a biggie, remember your purpose. This isn’t an accusation session or a blame game. It’s about understanding, healing, and moving on.

12. Travel (Even If It’s Local)

You don’t need a passport and a 10-hour flight for an adventure. Become a tourist in your own city!

That little café around the corner you never noticed, or the local museum you’ve never visited? Time to explore.

New surroundings can offer new perspectives. And hey, you might just stumble upon your new favorite hangout spot or your next boyfriend or girlfriend.

13. Redecorate Your Space

A change in surroundings can do wonders for the soul. Ever noticed how a clean room somehow equals a cleaner mind?

Start with decluttering. Maybe ditch that old poster or get some funky new curtains. Move your furniture, add some plants, or go wild with wall colors.

Making your space more ‘you’ can bring in fresh energy and help you move on.

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14. Meditation and Yoga

If your mind is running with a million thoughts, fears, and worries, maybe it’s time to slow down the beat.

Meditation and yoga aren’t just for monks and fitness influencers. They’re legit tools to calm that racing mind. You don’t have to be a pro. Just start.

There are tons of apps and YouTube videos out there. Before you know it, you’ll be striking poses and breathing deeply like you’ve been doing it forever.

15. Night Out with Friends

Who better to lift your spirits than your squad? Plan a fun night – board games, movie marathons, karaoke sessions, or just good old gossip – the agenda’s endless.

Friends will help you take your mind off things and relax. Soak in their positivity, and remember, you’re loved and cherished.

16. Limit Alcohol and Junk Food

It’s tempting to drown your sorrows with ice cream or wine. But too much junk can make your mind, well, junky.

Swap that soda for water, and maybe try a salad instead of fries. Fueling your body right can help keep those unhelpful thoughts at bay.

17. Avoid Rebound Relationships

It’s tempting to jump into another relationship to forget your cheating ex. But rebounds can be messy.

They might offer a temporary band-aid, but the healing? That’s an inside job. Give yourself time. Rediscover who you are before merging your world with someone else’s.

18. Accept Your Feelings

You’re human, and feeling a range of emotions is part of the package. Don’t beat yourself up for feeling down, angry, or even relieved.

Give yourself permission to feel, process, and then let go. You’re not defined by a moment or a feeling; you’re a beautiful, ever-evolving story.

19. Remember It’s Okay to Seek Professional Help

There’s zero shame in reaching out. Sometimes, the weight’s just too much to carry alone.

Therapists, counselors, support groups, or even Reddit – they’re there to help you navigate the maze. It’s not a sign of weakness, but one of strength.

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