10 Ways To Flirt With An Older Woman

Do you have a crush on an older woman but are not sure how to take things to the next level?

The easiest way to get an older woman’s attention is by flirting with her.

Flirting is an innocent and fun way to show a woman that you are interested without putting any pressure on her.

In general older women are very responsive to flirting because they don’t get as much attention from men as women in their twenties.

Some older women also feel like their beauty is slowly fading and men are not as interested in them as before when they were younger.

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That’s why when a younger guy approaches and flirts with them it makes them feel desirable and attractive again.

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How To Flirt With An Older Woman?

1. Give Her a Compliment

Before flirting with an older woman it is a good idea to start with a compliment to see how she reacts.

If you get a positive response, you can be more flirty with her because you know that she likes your company.

If not, then maybe she is taken, having a bad day, or just not interested in you.

So how do you compliment an older woman?

If you notice something about her that you like, tell her.

For example, if she is wearing a nice outfit, you can say, “I like your dress.”

Or you can comment on her smile or hairstyle. For example “I like your smile”.

An even better approach is to compliment her on something that she achieved.

For example, if she tells you that she just started a new job at the bank, you can say, “That’s really awesome! I want to work there someday as well”

2. Say ‘Hello’

The simplest way to flirt with a woman is to say hello.

If you have never spoken to your crush before, this is the best way to start a conversation.

If she says hello back and smiles, try flirting with her.

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3. Look Her in the Eyes

Eye contact is extremely important when flirting.

Looking someone in the eyes is a nonverbal way of telling them that you are interested.

When talking to an older woman or passing her on a street, look her in the eyes and smile.

It is an innocent but extremely effective way to make her wonder if you find her attractive.

4. Ask for Her Help

Another way to start a conversation with an older woman is to ask her for help.

You can ask her for directions to the nearest store, hospital, train station, etc.

She will be flattered that you approached and asked her for help.

5. Be Playful

Most women like playful men.

You can be playful by saying silly things, joking, and teasing her.

This type of behavior helps women to relax and lower their guard.

6. Lightly Touch Her

Touching is one of the most effective flirting techniques that can help you to seduce almost any woman.

It is one of the first steps in creating an intimate connection.

Many guys make a mistake by going too fast for the touch instead of making women feel comfortable first.

To make her comfortable chat with her and when you notice that she is flirting with you, go for a light touch.

When you’re talking with her, touch her on the arm or her shoulder and see how she reacts.

Here are some other ways to touch a woman if she is comfortable around you:

  • Fix her hair
  • Touch or rub her leg
  • Adjust her clothing
  • Touch her thigh

Touching when chatting with her will make her feel more comfortable around you and will show her that you are not afraid to get physical.

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7. Lean in When Talking to Her

If you are in a loud place, get closer to her and lean in when you talk to her.

Being so close will show her that you are interested and can also be very seductive when done at the right time and place.

8. Wink at Her

If you already know each other, wink at her when passing her on a street or in the hallway instead of saying hi.

This works great if you are busy and cannot talk because you are on the phone or already talking to someone else.

9. Ask Her Out

If you think that she likes you, ask her out without making it sound like a date.

Going for a coffee usually works great.

For example, ask her “Do you want to grab a coffee this week?”

Try to take her out to a place where she will not be judged for being seen with a younger guy.

When asking a woman out, wait until she is alone so that she doesn’t feel embarrassed in front of her coworkers or friends.

There is also a chance that one of her jealous friends might tell her not to go out with you because you are too young.

10. Go for the Kiss

Older women are usually pretty confident when it comes to getting intimate but they might hesitate when doing it with someone much younger than them.

When you are alone and you know that there is a lot of chemistry between you two, try to go for a kiss and see how she reacts.

To prepare her for the kiss, look at her lips while talking to her, touch her hips or thighs and get closer to her.

If she doesn’t move away, it means that she is comfortable with you and ready for the next step.

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