73 Best Tinder Bios for Dog Lovers

Are you tired of being single? Seriously, being the only solo guy or girl at those weekend BBQs, always being asked, “When will you bring someone?” Ugh! Right? I get you. I’ve been there.

Maybe you are not completely alone because you’ve got a fluffy buddy by your side, wagging his tail, but hey, wouldn’t it be cool if you found a guy or girl who shared the same love for dogs as you do? Dogs are the best, after all.

But how do you find that perfect match who is also obsessed over every cute dog video?

And what if they’re a cat person? No hate, but you’re probably thinking about shared dog walks, not kitty litter duties, right?

So let’s take a look at a long list of awesome Tinder and Bumble bios for all you dog lovers out there.

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And guess what? There are a lot of single guys and girls out there looking for someone just like you!

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Best Tinder Bio Examples for Dog Lovers

1. “Looking for someone to be the third wheel on our dog park dates.”

2. “If my dog likes you, we’re pretty much already dating.”

3. “My dog thinks I’m a catch, just saying.”

4. “Love me, love my dog. That’s the deal.”

5. “Let’s raise a doggy family together. First date: Dog park?”

6. “Not to brag, but my dog thinks I’m pretty great.”

7. “Want someone to match my dog’s energy?”

8. “If you don’t mind sharing the bed with a furry friend, swipe right.”

9. “Seeking a partner in crime for dog park adventures. Must love slobbery kisses!”

10. “I promise my dog is way cuter in person. You up for a meet and greet?”

11. “Let’s make our dogs jealous. Swipe right and let’s go on a human date!”

12. “Looking for someone to hold the leash when I’m picking up the… you know.”

13. “Do you believe in love at first sniff? My dog does!”

14. “If we match, it’s a double date. You, me, my dog, and your… dog? Cat? Iguana?”

15. “Into long walks… with my dog. Wanna join?”

16. “Bonus points if your dog and mine become BFFs.”

17. “My dog’s approval is crucial. But don’t worry, he’s a sucker for treats!”

18. “The way to my heart? Through my dog.”

19. “Your dog can play with my dog, and maybe we can hang out too?”

20. “Hoping to find someone who understands that dogs are family.”

21. “Let’s skip the small talk and show each other dog photos.”

22. “Woof you be mine?”

23. “Dog parks over bars. Who’s with me?”

24. “I trust my dog’s judgment. If they like you, I probably will too.”

25. “Swipe right if you don’t mind being the third favorite after my two dogs.”

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26. “Will swipe right for dog playdates.”

27. “I come with a dog. It’s a package deal!”

28. “Your dog can definitely come on our date. Non-negotiable.”

29. “Future goals: Owning a dog sanctuary. Wanna co-found?”

30. “Paw-lease be a dog person!”

31. “My dog has a better social life than me. Help balance the scales?”

32. “Looking for someone who can handle both me and my dog’s energy!”

33. “Woof you swipe right? My dog thinks you should.”

34. “Swiping for a puppy playmate and maybe a human one too.”

35. “Must love dogs, and me too. But mostly dogs.”

36. “Love at first bark? Let’s find out.”

37. “Dream date: You, me, dogs, and a sunset.”

38. “Let’s make our dogs proud. Swipe right!”

39. “Let’s match. My dog could use a new best friend.”

40. “You had me at ‘I have a dog’.”

41. “Woof you be my next adventure buddy?”

42. “If our dogs get along, we’re basically soulmates.”

43. “Your dog can totally come over for playdates. And you can too.”

44. “Swipe right if you can handle a bit of barking… and a lot of loving.”

45. “Warning: My dog might like you more than I do (at first).”

46. “Seeking a co-parent for my fur child.”

47. “Puppy eyes are my weakness. Can you relate?”

48. “Less talk, more dog. Swipe if you’re on board.”

49. “I’m only here to show off my dog, but staying for love.”

50. “Our dogs could be BFFs, and we could be too!”

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51. “Three words: Dog. Beach. Dates.”

52. “You don’t have to own a dog, just gotta love mine.”

53. “If you’re into dogs and deep convos, slide right!”

54. “Professional dog spoiler looking for an accomplice.”

55. “They say dogs are man’s best friend, but I have room for one more.”

56. “Seeking someone to share my dog’s endless affection with.”

57. “Want to be my dog’s other favorite human?”

58. “You, me, a dog-friendly cafe. Think about it.”

59. “Swipe right if you can handle puppy tantrums!”

60. “The quickest way to my heart? Through my dog’s.”

61. “Life’s too short not to fill it with dogs and love.”

62. “Making the world better, one dog snuggle at a time.”

63. “Your dog can totally steal my dog’s toys. And my heart.”

64. “Dog-friendly humans, where you at?”

65. “Hoping you’re as loyal as my dog (or close).”

66. “Let’s meet at the dog park first. It’s neutral territory!”

67. “Into humans who’re into dogs.”

68. “Dog lovers only. Non-negotiable!”

69. “Seeking someone to drool over dogs with. Figuratively, of course!”

70. “You, me, dogs, and a lifetime of adventures?”

71. “Life goal: Collect as many dogs as possible. Join me?”

72. “Will swoon over a cute dog story. Try me!”

73. “Chasing after dogs and dreams. Want to join?”

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