9 Types Of Women Alpha Males Find Attractive and Like to Pursue

Alpha males get a lot of attention from attractive women and that’s why they often date around instead of settling down.

Because of the number of options they have when it comes to women they usually are pickier than most guys and that’s why it takes some work to make alpha males commit to you.

If you are attracted to strong dominant guys there are a few things that you can do to improve your chances of getting their attention and that’s what we will discuss today.

So let’s take a look at the qualities alpha males are looking for in women and what you can do to make yourself more irresistible to them.

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What Type of Woman is an Alpha Male Attracted To?

1. Feminine Women

When it comes to dating, opposites often attract each other.

That’s the reason why masculine men often find themselves attracted to feminine women.

Couples, where both male and female are alphas, are actually not that common.

These alpha couples usually don’t work out because of the constant conflict created when two people want everything to be done their way.

Relationships where both partners are extremely driven and are not willing to compromise rarely last for a long time and that’s why masculine male and feminine female relationships often work better.

That’s one of the reasons why some successful career-driven women have challenges with finding a partner.

You can think of femininity as the opposite of masculinity.

Here are some characteristics of feminine women:

  • Shorter/smaller than a guy
  • Long hair
  • Gentle touch when it comes to physical contact
  • Wears dresses, skirts and high heels
  • Higher pitched voice
  • Wears make up
  • Small waist
  • Smells good
  • Good hygiene
  • Doesn’t swear much
  • Friendly, likes to smile and has a bit of innocence

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2. Physically Attractive Women

In general, it will be easier for you to attract alpha males if you are physically attractive yourself.

When it comes to choosing between two women, most guys will go for the more attractive one.

This has to do with biology and subconsciously men feel that better-looking women are healthier and more fertile.

The good news is that with some make-up, well-fitting clothes and a little bit of effort it is not hard to look pretty.

Examples of physical features that make women look more attractive:

  • Smile – learning how to smile just takes some practice
  • Nice hair – can be achieved with a good haircut and color (if needed)
  • Big 🍒 and 🍑 – can be achieved with a proper bra and pants (squats help as well).
  • Full lips – can be done with a lipstick
  • Smaller waist – this might require some dieting and working out

3. Submissive Women

Most alpha males like to lead and this means they get along more with submissive women that allow them to do that.

When it comes to bedrooms most men, in general, prefer submissive women because it allows them to be more dominant and in control which is a big self-esteem booster.

By being submissive with her man woman shows him that she fully trusts him and that’s why she is giving up control and allows him to make most of the decisions.

Trust is very important and when it is broken (for example a guy cheats) woman cannot continue to be submissive becasue she knows that the guy is not able to stay in control anymore.

4. Women With Good Reputation

Most guys don’t want to date a woman who is sleeping around especially alpha males that have more options when it comes to women.

Alpha males like a challenge and dating someone who will sleep with almost any guy is not a challenge and that’s why they are rarely attracted to “easy” women.

Instead, they want to feel like they “won” a woman (and her heart).

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5. Women Desired by Other Men

Most alpha males are more attracted to women that are also desired by other guys.

This has to do with competition and alpha males are naturally completive and they want something other guys can’t get.

6. Conservative Women

This one is similar to the other points that we already discussed.

Alpha males want to be with a woman that is hard to get and is not sleeping with any guy she meets.

Conservative women are known to be very selective when it comes to dating and that’s what makes them desirable in the eyes of alpha males.

7. Intelligent Women

It is nice to be with someone attractive but if you can’t have an intelligent conversation with them it can get boring pretty fast.

That’s why alpha males are often attracted to intelligent women that have their own opinions about things and always have something to talk about.

8. Confident Women

Confident women know that their guy will be faithful to them no matter what kind of temptation he will face.

If he does cheat, all it means is that he is not the right guy for them so there is no reason to be jealous or spend too much time worrying that your man will not be faithful

Your alpha male guy will naturally be getting a lot of attention from other women but this doesn’t mean that you need to be always jealous.

9. Mysterious Women

Lastly, almost every guy including alpha males is drawn toward women with a bit of mystery.

One of the first things you can do to be more mysterious is to be yourself.

If you are acting like everyone else just so that you can get along with people, there is not much mystery to you becasue you are just like any other woman out there.

A few more ideas to be more mysterious:

  • Walk and talk slowly and confidently
  • Try to be relaxed – deep breathing can help you with that
  • Don’t get angry easily – remember you always want to be in control or at least appear to be
  • Be confident and take action – don’t sit waiting for things to happen to you and instead go ahead and make things happen.

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