How to Become Famous on Instagram?


As you probably already know it might be challenging to become famous or extremely popular on Instagram due to competition and time it takes to build a large number of followers. However, there are a few strategies that you can implement that will significantly speed up the growth of your Instagram and will help you in becoming popular or even famous if you are willing to do some work and have patience.

  • Post fresh content every day.

It is important to post every day to keep your followers coming back for more and share your content with other people who might start following you.

  • Use Instagram hashtags whenever you post something.

Using right hashtags will ensure that people can actually find your content. On another hand, if you are not using any hashtags it is extremely unlikely that someone besides your followers will ever discover your photos. Hashtags for Instagram are the same as keywords for Google, use them correctly and it will bring people to your profile.

  • Engage in the conversations with your followers.

If you are serious about becoming famous on Instagram you will need to engage in conversations with your followers and if possible become friends with them on other social networking sites as well. People will be more likely to follow you if you reply to the comments they leave on your photos.

  • Comment on other people’s photos.

It is important to visit other’s people’s Instagram accounts and comment on their photos if you want to grow the number of your own followers. Not only this will help you in finding friends with similar interests but it also will give you more exposure and will help people discover your account.

  • Only post high-quality unique photos.

It is crucial to post high-quality photos if you want to stand out and give people a reason to follow your Instagram account.

  • Create profiles on other social networks.

An alternative way of gaining followers is to create profiles on various social networks and then advertise your Instagram there. This can work especially good with Facebook and Twitter. Just post the photo on Instagram and then post a link to that photo on your Facebook or Twitter. People will be likely to click on your photo and then follow the link to your Instagram where they might decide to follow you.

  • Get exposure on other popular Instagram accounts.

Lastly, you should find other Instagrammers who already have lots of followers to see if they can post your photo and ask their followers to follow you as well. This is by far the fastest way to get followers and can make you popular on Instagram in a very short period of time. It might be really challenging to find people who will actually post your photos especially if you are not friends with them and that’s why if you have resources it might be worth paying someone to do so. You might think that it is unethical but everyone does it from celebrities to popular brands. However, I wouldn’t recommend purchasing followers directly because usually you will be sold followers that are not real people and obviously they will not like or comment on your photos.

If you follow the tips above you will have much more advantage over most other Instagramers and it will help you significantly in gaining a large number of followers.

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