How to Get a Girl to Kiss You Without Asking?

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What is the secret for making your girl kiss you first without even asking?

When it comes to kissing girls there are 3 levels: kissing a girl, kissing a girl without getting punched, and getting a girl to kiss you.

In a society where it is expected for the man to be the first to kiss the woman, it might be hard to reverse the roles but it can definitely be done.

If you want to get your girlfriend to kiss you first, here are some helpful tips on how to do it.

7 Ways to Get Your Girlfriend to Kiss You First

1. Be sure you have a shot with her

Most guys fail in getting a kiss from the girl either because the girl doesn’t like them or is not ready for the kiss.

Make sure she’s your girlfriend or at least someone you met on a date, which went so well you genuinely believe you have a shot.

You can’t just expect completely random girls to kiss you.

2. Do something fun

Take your girlfriend out to lunch, or a movie, or even the beach.

Or better yet, take her somewhere where she really wants to go, like a particular movie, or an amusement park, etc.

Show your girlfriend a fantastic time, and she’s bound to reward you with a kiss on the cheek or lips at some point.

If both of you get nervous easily when kissing in public where lots of people can see you, go somewhere where you can have fun but also get away from prying eyes easily.

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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You Without Asking

3. Give her a gift

Get her something nice out of the blue.

A piece of clothing she’s been wanting, her favorite dessert, or if you want to play it classic, a bouquet of flowers.

Never underestimate the power of an unexpected gift.

4. Always be prepared

Brush your teeth regularly, floss, and use breath mints if need be.

Kisses can happen at any time, so always be sure your girlfriend won’t catch you with terrible breath.

5. Send signals

A common challenge is that women are far more effective and receptive to physical cues than men.

Send some signals to your girlfriend: putting your arm around her shoulders or waist, if she’s leaning in toward you for whatever reason, look at her eyes then down at her lips, or just give her compliments on the way she looks or smells.

There are many ways to use your body language to say “I’d like a kiss from you please.”

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How to Get a Girl to Kiss You Without Asking

6. Recognize signals before sending them

Read her body language; is she in the mood for intimacy right now?

If there’s any indication, that she simply isn’t in the mood right now, then abort and back off.

Nothing will turn off your girlfriend faster than advancing when it won’t be appreciated.

7. Add variety

Don’t kiss the same way in the same place twice.

Don’t reserve kissing only when nobody can see you doing it, even if openly showing affection is a bit hard for you.

Keeping it too private can potentially send the message that you’re embarrassed to show that you care for her.

Don’t just kiss the same way all the time, as that will get boring very fast.

Kiss her with varying degrees of intensity depending on the situation, and switch regularly between the lips and cheek.

This is playing the long game, letting her know that each kiss will be special and that unexpected kisses and other shows of affection are welcomed and encouraged.

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