117 Funny Pros and Cons of Dating Me

Online dating is not always easy because you usually compete with a lot of other singles.

So, how can you make your dating profile stand out from the rest and get more matches?

One great way to make your bio more engaging on apps like Tinder and Bumble is to list the cons and pros of dating you.

Not only will this make you sound more interesting, but it can also help you to filter out singles who might not be compatible with you.

Of course, try not to go overboard when listing your cons to avoid scaring people away with your honesty!

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Instead, try to be funny or witty with your responses. This way, your matches will get a better idea of who you are while also having a good laugh.

If you struggle with ideas, here are some questions that might help you out:

  • Do you have any pets that might be considered weird or unusual?
  • Do you have any unique hobbies or interests?
  • Are you currently enrolled in any interesting classes?
  • What are some of your favorite TV shows or movies?
  • What kind of music do you like?

Once you have brainstormed some ideas, try to come up with funny and clever ways to present them.

For example, if you have a dog, you could say something like – Pro: I have a super adorable puppy. Con: He doesn’t like sharing me with other people.

If you like to cook, you could say – Pro: I’m a great cook. Con: We’ll rarely go out to eat because I can make anything you want at home.

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Examples of Funny Pros and Cons of Dating Me

1. Pro: I will challenge your beliefs and help you grow as a person. Con: We may never agree on whether or not aliens are real.

2. Pro: I’m a great cook. Con: I’ll get mad if you don’t eat what I make.

3. Pro: I make a lot of money. Cons: I work too much.

4. Pro: I will always put your needs and wants first…most of the time. Con: You may find that I’m a bit too clingy.

5. Pro: I’ll make you laugh. Con: I’m really immature.

6. Pro: Smart and successful. Con: Workaholic.

7. Pro: I know how to have fun and enjoy life. Plus, my positive attitude is contagious! Con: I can get pretty wild sometimes and my party-loving side might mean that I’m not ready for something serious quite yet…

8. Pro: No baggage or ex-drama. Con: Never was in a serious relationship.

9. Pro: I’m spontaneous and up for anything. Con: My sense of humor is weird and sometimes dark AF.

10. Pro: I’m loyal. Con: Possessive.

11. Pro: I’m spontaneous and up for anything. Con: We may never come back from our adventures.

12. Pro: Good sense of humor. Con: You will never know when I’m joking.

13. Pro: I’m very romantic and I love to spoil my partner. Con: I need a lot of attention.

14. Pro: My family is amazing, supportive, and funny! Con: Prepare yourself for some embarrassing stories and really awkward encounters…they have no filter.

15. Pro: I’m an open book… what you see is what you get. Con: You may not like what you read.

16. Pro: Most people find me very attractive. Con: Psychologically damaged due to past relationships.

17. Pro: Fun to be around, always smiling and cheerful. Con: Loud, talks too much.

18. Pro: Great listener. Con: Might give unsolicited advice that no one asked for.

19. Pro: No commitment issues here! Once I decide that someone is worth my time, I am in 100%. Con: Good luck getting rid of me.

20. Pro: Dating me means having an instant travel buddy – no more single supplement fees! Con: Be prepared for spontaneous trips – last-minute tickets are often cheaper.

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21. Pro: Intelligence and wit. Con: My sharp tongue always gets me in trouble.

22. Pro: I’m always up for an adventure. Con: I tend to get lost.

23. Pro: l love trying new things. Con: I tend to lose interest quickly.

24. Pro: I know how to have fun and enjoy life. Con: I also like to party hard which means sometimes there is little sleep.

25. Pro: I’m athletic and love to stay active. Con: I will always push you to work out with me even if you are not in a mood.

26. Pro: Passionate lover, great listener, and a good sense of humor. Con: Jealous, over-protective, and obsessive.

27. Pro: I’m a good dancer and an even better singer. Con: I’m a terrible cook, so we’ll always have to order or eat out.

28: Pro: I am very confident in myself. Con: Some people find it arrogant.

29. Pro: Smart, successful, and single! Con: My workaholic tendencies might sometimes interfere with quality couple time.

30. Pro: I don’t take myself too seriously. Con: This means that sometimes things that are important to you will be hilarious to me.

31. Pro: Can give a good massage. Con: Will probably end up wanting a massage in return.

32. Pro: You will never be bored when we’re together, there’s always something new & exciting happening with me. Con: Most of the time it is drama.

33. Pro: I’m great in bed. Con: I’m bad in the kitchen.

34. Pro: Good listener. Con: Take everything way too seriously.

35. Pro: I am financially secure. Con: I work long hours and may not have much time for you.

36. Pro: I love animals. Con: I have like 3 dogs that will try to climb into bed with us every night.

37. Pro: You will always know where you stand with me. Con: You might not like what you hear.

38. Pro: I can make anyone laugh. Cons: My jokes are sometimes inappropriate.

39. Pro: l like to keep things tidy. Con: Your place will never be clean enough for me.

40. Pro: l enjoy trying new things. Con: You may end up doing something you will regret.

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41. Pro: Loyal asf and would do anything for bae. Con: Get way too attached way too fast.

42. Pro: I love to cuddle! Con: I might accidentally drool on you while we’re spooning.

43. Pro: I always see the positive side of things. Con: This means I might not be realistic at times.

44. Pro: I have a very bubbly personality. Cons: Some people might find me too overwhelming.

45. Pro: I always try to see the best in people. Con: I have been taken advantage of more than once.

46. Pro: I’m always up for trying new things. Con: This can sometimes lead to reckless decisions.

47. Pro: I’m a great listener and will always lend a shoulder to cry on. Con: I’m an emotional wreck myself, so you’ll often find me crying right along with you.

48. Pro: I’m a great lover. Con: I tend to get too emotionally attached.

49. Pro: I always put 110% into everything I do. Con: I get disappointed easily.

50. Pro: I like animals, environmentally conscious, and would never hurt a fly. Con: Allergic to cats and dogs.

51. Pro: I give great massages. Con: I get cranky when I haven’t had my coffee fix in the morning.

52. Pro: You will never get bored with me. Con: I party a bit too hard and sometimes make poor decisions when I’m tipsy.

53. Pro: I am good at most sports. Con: I’m pretty competitive which means things can get heated between us from time to time.

54. Pro: I am very ambitious. Con: I can be a workaholic and neglect my personal life.

55. Pro: I am a good singer. Con: I love to sing in the shower… in the car… and pretty much anywhere else.

56. Pro: I’m amazing in bed. Con: You’ll have to deal with my insatiable appetite.

57. Pro: I have a great job that I love. Con: I work a lot and often have to travel for work, so you’ll be spending a lot of time alone.

58. Pro: I’m a great communicator. Con: I’m a bit of a drama queen and often over-share.

59. Pro: I have a great sense of style. Con: I spend a lot of money on clothes.

60. Pro: I’m confident and assertive. Con: I can come across as too bossy.

61. Pro: I’m an excellent driver. Con: I tend to drive too fast.

62. Pro: I always arrive on time. Con: I always get speeding tickets.

63. Pro: I’m a great date. Con: I’m a terrible boyfriend.

64. Pro: Good genes, so we will have beautiful babies. Con: Come from a long line of cheaters.

65. Pro: Very attractive. Con: You might get tired of everyone constantly hitting on me.

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66. Pro: I have a lot of energy. Con: I’m always on the go and often don’t have time for anything serious.

67. Pro: I’m ambitious and driven. Con: I often put my career before anything else.

68. Pro: I’m passionate and intense. Con: I’m a bit of a hothead.

69. Pro: I have my own place and a nice car. Con: They’re both in my parents’ name…and they live with me.

70. Pro: I’m extremely loyal. Con: I can hold a grudge like no other.

71. Pro: I’m very affectionate. Con: I’m a bit of a touchy-feely.

72. Pro: I am willing to try anything once. Con: I have no limits, so you may have to deal with some weird stuff.

73. I will keep you entertained. Con: I talk a lot.

74. Pro: I always make sure my partner is satisfied. Con: I have a bit of an ego and need to be the best.

75. Pro: I always keep things exciting. Con: I’ll probably get you in trouble.

76. Pro: I make a great cuddle buddy. Con: My hands are always cold.

77. I will always make you smile. Con: I have a very dirty mind.

78. Pro: I know how to have fun. Con: I can be a bit too wild and crazy for some people.

79. Pro: I’m good at making friends. Con: I always need to be the center of attention.

80. Pro: I always tell the truth. Con: I sometimes say things without thinking.

81. Pro: I have a great imagination. Con: I like to procrastinate and daydream a bit too much.

82. Pro: I always stay upbeat. Con: I can be a little too optimistic and it can get annoying.

83. Pro: I always stand up for what I believe in. Con: I can be a bit too opinionated.

84. Pro: I always try to be understanding. Con: I can be a bit too forgiving and sometimes give people too many second chances.

85. Pro: I always try to be respectful. Con: I can be a bit too indecisive.

86. Pro: I’m a total romantic and I love doing things like surprises, flowers, and candlelit dinners. Con: I tend to get way too emotional.

87. Pro: I will love you unconditionally. Con: I will also expect the same in return and will get needy if I don’t feel it.

88. Pro: I will treat you like a king. Con: I like drama.

89. Pro: I always dress to impress. Con: I spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes.

90. Pro: My friends say I’m a great catch. Con: They also say I’m “too much” for most people, so be prepared to be overwhelmed by my personality.

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91. Pro: I will not cheat on you with my ex. Con: Never dated before.

92. Pro: I send the best dirty texts. Con: I’m a complete night owl and will often keep you up late.

93. Pro: I have a ton of energy and I’m always on the go. Con: I get bored easily.

94. Pro: I’m a great listener. Con: I can’t keep a secret to save my life.

95. Pro: I always remember anniversaries and special occasions. Con: I will always make you watch romantic movies with me even if you hate them.

96. Pro: I’m a total animal lover. Con: I’m a vegetarian, so you’ll never be able to eat a steak in peace.

97. Pro: I’m a great planner. Con: I like things to be done my way.

98. Pro: I’m outgoing and friendly. Con: I talk a lot… sometimes people wish I would just shut up.

99. Pro: I can be very romantic. Con: I can also be very cheesy.

100. Pro: I am open-minded and willing to try new things. Con: I get bored easily.

101. Pro: I have a ton of energy and can keep up with you no matter what you want to do or where you want to go. Con: My high energy level might wear you out sometimes!

102. Pro: I would do anything for the people I care about. Con: I get way too emotionally attached.

103. Pro: I make mean margaritas. Con: I go clubbing 3 days a week.

104. I like to have a good time and enjoy life. Con: I can get rowdy when I drink too much and may start dancing on tables or singing in public.

105. Pro: I never forget anniversaries or birthdays. Con: I also never forget to bring up your past mistakes in arguments.

106. Pro: I love cuddling. Con: But only if it’s leading somewhere.

107. Pro: Fun person to be around. Con: Doesn’t know when to quit.

108. Pro: Good advice giver. Con: Nosey.

109. Pro: Accept people for who they are. Con: Want everyone to like me.

110. Pro: Intelligence runs in my family so there’s a high chance our kids will be smart as well. Con: My dad likes to talk about politics at dinner and my mom loves to gossip…a lot…

111. Pro: You would never have to worry about me cheating. Con: But if you cheat on me, you better run…

112. Pro: I always think outside of the box! Con: Sometimes my ideas don’t make any sense.

113. Pro: My friends say I’m hilarious. Con: They also say that I have no filter.

114. Pro: I know how to let loose and have a good time! Con: This might include singing and dancing in public, which could potentially embarrass you.

115. Pro: I always keep things interesting. Con: I can be a little too spontaneous for some people and my mood swings are real.

116. Pro: I love kids! Con: I’m not looking to have any of my own.

117. Pro: I know how to have fun without getting drunk. Con: My idea of “fun” may be very different from yours…

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