110 Ways to Respond to “You Look Like Trouble” on Tinder

You’ve been swiping right and left on Tinder when suddenly a message pops up on your screen – “You look like trouble!”. At first glance, it’s intriguing and even a bit flirty, but how exactly do you react or respond to it?

Is it a compliment? A playful tease? Or, is it a judgment disguised as an ice-breaker?

Questions like these can cloud your judgment and add unnecessary stress so let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind this pickup line and how you can respond.

What Does It Mean When a Guy Says “You Look Like Trouble”?

When a guy throws the “you look like trouble” line at you, it usually means that he finds you attractive, intriguing, and a bit mysterious.

He may see you as fun, adventurous, and perhaps a little rebellious – the kind of woman who keeps life exciting.

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It might also mean that he sees you as potentially challenging in a relationship, or someone who won’t just agree with everything he says.

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Examples of Responses to “You Look Like Trouble” on Tinder

1. “Takes one to know one.”

2. “Only on Tuesdays.”

3. “And what makes you think that?”

4. “Haha, only the best kind of trouble.”

5. “Maybe… but I promise I’m worth it.”

6. “I prefer the term ‘exciting’.”

7. “You caught me, I’m quite a rebel at heart.”

8. “Glad to see I’m making an impression.”

9. “Oh really? Tell me more…”

10. “Is that so? Thanks for the heads-up!”

11. “Good observation! I love a challenge.”

12. “Trouble? Nah, just a whole lot of fun.”

13. “And you look like you can handle it.”

14. “Do I? Must be my mischievous smile.”

15. “Well, aren’t we jumping to conclusions?”

16. “Haha, my reputation precedes me!”

17. “You seem pretty daring yourself.”

18. “Now that’s an interesting first impression.”

19. “Only when the situation calls for it.”

20. “Well, life is too short to be boring!”

21. “Ha! You’re not the first to say that.”

22. “Indeed! Bet you can’t wait to find out why.”

23. “Intrigued yet?”

24. “Just means there’s never a dull moment with me.”

25. “And here I was thinking I’m an angel.”

26. “I believe in keeping things interesting.”

27. “Don’t worry, I only cause the best kind of trouble.”

28. “Depends on your definition of trouble.”

29. “Probably, but aren’t we all?”

30. “No trouble here, just fun and games!”

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31. “Well spotted! I love shaking things up.”

32. “And you look like you could use some excitement.”

33. “Indeed! Keeps life entertaining, doesn’t it?”

34. “And you seem like the perfect accomplice.”

35. “Maybe, but isn’t that part of the fun?”

36. “Guilty as charged! Want to join?”

37. “Why do I feel like you’re not too far behind?”

38. “So, are you the law enforcement type?”

39. “Good observation there, Sherlock.”

40. “What gave it away – my mischievous grin or my adventurous bio?”

41. “You’re quite the detective, aren’t you?”

42. “Are you scared, or intrigued?”

43. “You’ve got me figured out.”

44. “Oh, you’ve no idea!”

45. “Only on full moon nights.”

46. “Why is that? Is it because I don’t look like the girl next door?”

47. “Can’t let life be boring, now can we?”

48. “Trouble? I prefer the term ‘free-spirited’.”

49. “Guess I can’t hide my rebellious streak, can I?”

50. “Just a friendly warning – life with me is never dull.”

51. “So, are you a firefighter ready to put out fires?”

52. “Well, aren’t you bold? I like that.”

53. “Is that a challenge or an observation?”

54. “Just means I’m not your typical girl-next-door.”

55. “Is that a problem or an opportunity for you?”

56. “Wouldn’t want to give everything away at first glance, would I?”

57. “I’m trouble? You’re the one who swiped right!”

58. “And here I thought I was being subtle.”

59. “‘Trouble’ is just another word for fun, right?”

60. “Well, who wants to be ordinary?”

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61. “A little trouble makes life interesting, don’t you agree?”

62. “And I bet you’re up for the challenge!”

63. “Looks like I’ve found someone who can handle the heat.”

64. “Flattered! But let me assure you, I’m the good kind of trouble.”

65. “Can’t argue with that!”

66. “How did you guess?”

67. “Oh, don’t be too quick to judge.”

68. “So, you’re into trouble, huh?”

69. “Only in the best possible way.”

70. “Are you always this forward?”

71. “Whoa! Let’s not rush to labels.”

72. “Oh, I assure you, I’m much more than meets the eye.”

73. “Guess there’s only one way to find out.”

74. “Just a bit of spice in a vanilla world.”

75. “You seem like someone who appreciates a challenge.”

76. “Dangerously charming, huh?”

77. “That’s one way to break the ice.”

78. “Sometimes, it’s fun to break the rules.”

79. “I’m definitely not your average Joe.”

80. “That’s one way to say ‘interesting’!”

81. “Your intuition is spot on!”

82. “Trouble? Only when necessary.”

83. “Well, well… Aren’t we quick with assumptions?”

84. “A wild guess or do you always trust your gut?”

85. “Caught red-handed! Are you up for it?”

86. “Who me? How could you tell?”

87. “Ah, looks can be deceiving.”

88. “Only when provoked.”

89. “Shall we cause some trouble together?”

90. “Is that what you’re into?”

91. “I’ve been known to stir things up a bit.”

92. “Perhaps. But isn’t that what makes it fun?”

93. “You could say that, but I’d call it living life to the fullest.”

94. “Oh, I’m more of a ‘challenge’ than ‘trouble’.”

95. “I hope you’re not easily intimidated!”

96. “That’s what they all say.”

97. “Trouble? I prefer the term ‘unexpected adventure’.”

98. “And you look like you could use a little.”

99. “That’s one way to start a conversation!”

100. “Trouble? No… I prefer ‘spontaneous fun’.”

101. “And you look like just the right kind of wrong.”

102. “If by trouble, you mean exciting and fun, then guilty as charged!”

103. “I’d take that as a compliment any day.”

104. “So I’ve heard.”

105. “And here I thought I had a good girl image going on!”

106. “Oh, I’m much more than just trouble.”

107. “Careful, you might just find out why.”

108. “I believe that’s what they call ‘charm’.”

109. “So they say… want to find out why?”

110. “So, are we going to make some ‘trouble’ together?”

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