How to Find a Rich Man to Marry?


If you’re searching for a rich man to put a ring on your finger but don’t know how to go about attracting such, this article will highlight the sophistication necessary to gain and keep a wealthy man’s undivided attention, eventually leading to his hand in marriage.

Appearance is Important, but It’s Not Everything

When attempting to attract a rich man, it’s obvious that you want your first impression to be a memorable one. It’s essential then to always look your best when around the social elite because you never know when you might run into ‘Mr. Right’.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Be well groomed and classy. Rich men are looking for sophistication. They’re not looking for a woman who wears short skirts and revealing tops, or who’s covered in tattoos and piercings. They prefer a conservative but sexy look; something that garners respect while also leaving room for their wild imagination. They want to feel confident having you on their arm at social and work-related events where other members of the wealthy elite attend. So remember, the bimbo look may get you a fun one-night stand (and probably won’t even accomplish that), but it won’t get them walking down the aisle.

While appearances can get you that initial introduction, it takes far more to seduce a man with money than good looks alone. Typically, rich men are self-made, which means they know how much work it took to obtain their wealth, and they’ll be damned if they’ll let a ‘gold-digger’ leach off their hard work. They’re perpetually on guard, and it takes more than looking sexy to woo a rich man.

You have to show them you’re special. There’s nothing sexier to a man with money than an independent, talented woman with her own aspirations. Rich men are constantly searching for women who are their equal, not their inferior. It is imperative to never give them the impression that you’re inferior to them. They want a strong woman who can manage on her own, instead of looking to them as a crutch. If you’re fortunate enough to gain this kind of respect, they won’t categorize you as a sex object or the woman they can call on for a last minute date. You don’t want to be placed in these categories because it’s very unlikely they’ll look at you as anything else. Exude confidence in everything you do and show him you can bring value to their life. This will earn their utmost respect and have them considering a long-term commitment.

Where to Find Rich Men

If you want to find a rich man to marry, you have to surround yourself with rich men. It is a simple concept to understand but one that requires attention in order to give yourself the best opportunity to find the wealthy man you’re looking for.

So, where should you go to find rich men? Country clubs are probably the number one spot to find a large selection of wealthy men. Men with a lot of money ostensibly love to play golf. Now, it might be unreasonable to join a country club for such exposure, so you might consider finding a job as a waitress at one of the club’s restaurants, or as a clerk in the pro shop. Wherever it is, you want to make sure the position has you in constant interaction with the members. Men find it easier to approach a woman who’s familiar to them. It’s a plus if you know how to play golf, but if not; take some time to learn the game. They’ll appreciate your knowledge and want to get to know more about your interests and hobbies.

Another sport that you should seriously consider learning, as it attracts many wealthy men, is skiing or snowboarding. Not only will they love the fact that you’re athletic enough to try such a sport, but it will also show how adventurous you are. As hinted on above, you want to separate yourself from the hundreds of other women eager to win their affection. They have plenty of good looking women throwing themselves at them, but by offering adventure to a relationship and learning about the activities that interest them, such as golf, skiing/snowboarding, horseback riding, fishing, and hiking, you’ll easily stand out from the rest and show you won’t bore them after only a few months.

It would also be a good idea to get involved in volunteer programs, or attend charity events and opening night galas, as many wealthy men use these events as networking opportunities.

Investment seminars are another great venue to meet rich men. They are always searching for investment opportunities to expand their wealth, and you would earn a lot of respect if you were able to talk to them about what’s most prevalent in their life, money. Also, learn to manage your finances with care. Rich men are very structured and vigilant with their finances. They don’t want to marry someone who spends needlessly and threatens to lessen their hard-earned fortune.

When the Time is Right, Approach the Subject of Marriage

If you’ve found your man and you’ve been dating for a year or more but he still hasn’t popped the question, don’t be afraid to let your intentions be known. You don’t want to demand a ring, but you do need to approach the subject. If he doesn’t think you’re the one for him, he’ll tell you and you can stop wasting time; time that you could be using to find a man who will take that leap. Don’t worry that you may scare him off. In fact, if done the right way, he’ll actually respect your directness and make plans to propose sooner than if you hadn’t hinted at wanting to get married.

In the end, finding a rich man to marry can be a delicate venture. Their wealth subjects them to far more opportunities than the average man, of which they are keenly aware. This heightens their guard to potential ‘gold-diggers’ and makes their screening process quite sophisticated at times. A woman must prove she is special and worthy of his time, and hopefully, having approached the chase with elegance and class, captured their respect and eventually their hand in marriage.