What to Write on Tinder Profile Bio to Get Matches?


Tinder dating app has without a doubt changed the way many people take part in online dating, which leads many to wonder what to write on Tinder profile to get matches. No longer do you worry about being stuck on a desktop computer to find your perfect match. This dating app allows you to connect with people in your area wherever you take your mobile device.

It is extremely simple to get started with Tinder. All you need to do is download the app, upload a picture or two and you are all set to start looking at potential dates. Unfortunately, not everyone is successful at Tinder, so here are some tips to create a great profile on Tinder and increase your chances of getting matches and dates.

Keep it Short your Tinder profile short

Do not feel like you need to share your entire life story in your profile. You want to share a few key details that your potential matches would find interesting and leave it at that. You want to include details that would grab the attention of a potential match and make them want to swipe you right. Online daters that feel obligated to share their complete personal history on their profile often find that they do not have much luck finding a date on Tinder.

Be Creative in Your Presentation

Keep what you have to say in your profile short and concise. You want to present yourself as creatively as possible so you can gain the attention of potential suitors. So take some time to think how you can present yourself as creatively as possible. For example, you can put Minnesota->NYU instead of putting “I am from Minnesota, now a college student at NYU.” It is creative and different than what others would put in their profile.

Don’t Be Afraid to Include What You Love

Now while you are wanting to keep your information short and concise when you are working on what to put on Tinder profile, you also do not want to be afraid of letting people know that you have interests and passions. If you say enjoy swimming and camping, then by all means let people know that. You might meet someone who you will enjoy doing those activities with. It is interesting to other people to know that there is something that you get truly excited about. It makes you seem more appealing.

Don’t Share Everything

While it is important to be creative and share things that you are passionate about, you should not share everything that there is to know about you. You want to share things like your workplace, home address or especially information on your romantic past. It is simply a matter of keeping yourself safe while you are having fun meeting people.

Don’t Be Afraid to Let People Know What You Are Looking to Find

If you are looking for a committed, monogamous relationship then say so. It will save you a great deal of time as people who are looking to find a more casual relationship will just pass over your profile and it will be simpler for like-minded individuals to find you. Do not feel like you are driving people away by doing this as you are simply staying true to what you want in a relationship and not compromising to what someone else wants.

Don’t Be Something that You Are Not on Tinder

Be honest in your profile. Do not try to be someone you think your potential partner would want. You need to be true to yourself and present yourself exactly how you are. Not only will it make you happier being yourself it will make your potential partner happier as well because they will get the chance to know the real you right away and not someone completely different from who you really are.

Once you have your profile completed you may want to show it to a friend or family member to get their input on it. Just remember not to take what they have to say too personally as they are just trying to help you in making the best profile possible. Take what they have to say and see if you can use it to improve your profile at all. Remember you are out to create the best possible profile possible on Tinder so you have the best possible chance of success. Now when you are wondering what to write on Tinder profile keep these tips in mind so that you will be able to create the best possible Tinder profile which will give you the best possible luck in finding a potential match that you will love to get to know.

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Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online