What to do When a Married Woman Flirts With You?


If you notice that married woman is interested in you and flirts whenever you are around there a few things you can do. There is nothing wrong with flirting when it happens between singles, but it can also be terribly awkward if you know the person flirting with you is already taken. You don’t want to cheat, but it can be difficult to know how to properly respond when the person who is cheating isn’t you.

If a married woman is coming on to you, the last thing you want to do is make the situation worse for the both of you, but you also want to let her know that you aren’t interested. If you are looking for what to do when a married woman flirts with you, try politely declining, calling her out if the situation persists, and think of informing her partner if the situation gets serious.

Politely Decline Her Advances

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First and foremost, politely decline her advances. Try and keep everything civil and do not disrespect her. Simply let her know that you are not interested and that she is nice, but just not for you. This will make sure your relationship stays on decent terms but also gets your message across that you are not willing to cheat on her partner with her.

Call Her Out

If the flirting persists, address the issue at hand. Let her know you feel like she is overstepping her bounds and that you do not like that she is married and flirting with you. This may make her a little angry or upset, but it will get the information out there and keep you honest. Being straightforward with how you are uncomfortable will inform her overtly that you want her to back off and that you are not interested in partaking in this kind of behavior.

Think of Informing her Partner

If the flirting continues after this point it may be time to take action. This means considering informing her partner of her infidelity. If the flirting has reached the point where you think she is completely disrespecting her significant other, you may want to step in even if it seems uncomfortable. You don’t need to get nasty, but just get in contact with her person and introduce yourself. Let them know how you know their wife and explain word for word the exact events that have happened. Do not embellish. Just be honest and upfront and let them know that you think they deserve to know the truth. This may cause some drama but you will know you did the right thing in the end and perhaps save a couple from wasting more of each others time. It could also help improve the relationship if she realizes her mistake of flirting before potentially physically cheating on her significant other. Telling the truth and stepping in when something like cheating is happening isn’t easy, but it makes you a good person for doing so.

Overall, try not to freak out too much. It could all turn out to be really simply solved so attempt to look at the situation objectively without jumping to conclusions or taking action too quickly. Simply tell her that you are not interested or drop hints that you are not looking to date in order to deter her at first. If this doesn’t work tell her outright that you do not think cheating or flirting when you are married is acceptable and, if she ignores your wishes then, it is time to step in and tell the person she is married to. It’s not a good situation but you have to remember that you did nothing wrong. You are simply being honest and trying to resolve the situation in the most mature, calm, and objective way you can. If you can avoid conflict then do so, but it is not always something that is easy to do in situations where emotions can run high and rampant. Just try not to let those emotions of others cloud your judgment or suck you into the vortex of losing your maturity and stable exterior. In the end, you will be proud of yourself to not falling prey to being a victim of infidelity and rest easy at night knowing that there is a couple out there that knows the truth about each other. Do not become a part of the circle that allows someone to be taken advantage of. Stand up for what you believe in and stay classy.