What to Do if You Cheated on Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend?


You were in a beautiful blossoming relationship that you saw yourself truly committing to. You started to think that both of you were in this for the long haul and that nothing could come between a beautiful future you guys are building together. Then you start to feel the separation in the relationship and you begin to see that others are willing to give you the attention that you desire from your partner.

You begin to feel lonely and angry at your spouse and start to develop the need to show them that you can move on from them or to replace the loneliness you are feeling with another body. When you begin to feel like this that is when you make the mistake and cheat on your spouse. After the act is over many people immediately will feel guilty when they think of their spouse, but there are many different paths that you can go on when you have cheated on your partner.

What Path Will You Follow?

The path that will lead you to the left is that you honestly tell your spouse as soon as it happened. You make them understand that it was a mistake and that you are sorry that it ever happened. The two of you can talk about what events caused you to stray and it will be up to your partner if he or she can forgive you or not.

The path that will lead you to the right is that you can continue with this affair, but if you choose this option, you should know that you are risking your spouse’s heart, the other person’s heart, and your heart being hurt. You are lying and cheating to a person that can honestly love you with all of their heart and believe that you are the one. Can you live with this guilt?

The path that takes you straight is the path where you tell your partner what happened and that you want to break up because you feel that you have hurt them too much and that it was not an affair to hurt them, but that you have honestly fell in love with this person. This is the path where you try to remain friends with the person even though you may not end on the best terms right now. Whichever options you choose to make sure that the path you follow is the path that you will feel best about and that you can sleep at night peacefully knowing that you made the best decision.

Seek Forgiveness

The next option is that you can seek forgiveness from your spouse and continue to move forward with your relationship. You may be forgiven and then not mention it anymore. Of course, it is still going to hurt even when you are forgiven. You both are going to work on getting that level of trust back into your relationship. Many couples consider going to counselling or they just continue to move forward and leave it all in the past. They consider it having a clean slate. The one thing that you should not try to do is make your relationship like it was before the incident happened because obviously before was not working so things need to change. You need to discover what was going wrong and why you feel the need to stray from the relationship.

Before you can make either of these decisions, you have to ask yourself a few questions. The first being is what do you want? This is the most important question because what you want could be very different then the person you are currently seeing. You could want to be single for a while to see if you can be right without this person or you could want to keep being with this person because when your relationship was good they made you really happy. But no person can tell you what you want except for you, so make sure that you make this decision by yourself. It is important to realize that it was your decision to cheat and you cannot blame another person for pushing you to it. Do not say that you’re sorry if you are only sorry that you were caught. It’s also important to remember that you can’t force someone to be with you once you have done wrong. A strong, trustful, and fruitful relationship is definitely possible after cheating; but only if you are both willing to put in the work.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online