What is The Catch Dating App and How Does It Work?


The Catch app is the newest way of getting guys and gals connected. However, what is it, and how does it work? As the latest social dating venue, The Catch app is easy, quick, and fits into your busy life without the stress of pre-date socializing. The app gets people together without going through the fuss of the usual rituals that must occur before dating.

How Does The Catch Dating App Work?

The Catch app works a lot like a digital version of “The Bachelorette.” While it can be used for guys, this app mostly puts the woman in control and focuses on her needs. What happens is the woman sends out her preferences for a guy and waits until the first three or four guys “snag” her chat line. She then gets to ask these guys questions and choose which guy’s answer she likes the best. The guy that gives the best answers wins.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online


The Catch app focuses on dating someone’s personality rather than dating someone’s looks. Using questions, women can determine a man’s personality and if he is what she is looking for. As a woman, you are looking for a life partner who is real and not skin deep, but so often dating apps require you to determine a guy’s eligibility only by his picture. However, a guy with good looks can turn out to be a real jerk underneath the skin; but with The Catch app, you avoid this problem. You can find out what a guy is really like by asking the questions that matter to you. In a short while, you’ll have a date that will be less hazardous than those online dates that sometimes don’t match their profile.

Benefits for Women

The Catch app is mostly for the woman. It puts her on the pedestal, making her the ultimate judge of the whole dating contest. She is in charge of asking the questions, which means she gets to ask questions that deal with things that she cares about. In the end, she doesn’t even have to accept the date winner if she doesn’t want to. For once, she is in control of her dating experience. She doesn’t have to go through dating apps that focus on the physical rather than the personal side of a guy. How to Use Bumble Dating App and Get Replies, Phone Numbers, and Dates!

Benefits for Men

What is the good of using The Catch app for the male gender? Actually, despite the app being designed for women, it has many features that make it beneficial for men looking for a date. For a guy, this app means that he no longer has to go through the nerve-wracking torment of talking directly to a woman to ask her on a date or deal with the possible rejection. He also no longer has to spend hours sifting through online profiles. Instead, he is basically playing a game against three other guys for a date. If he loses, he can just try again.

Benefits in General

It’s a fast-paced world out there. Information, travel, money, it is all moving faster than ever which means your life is busier than ever. The world expects more of you that means you have less time to seek out romantic relationships. With all the busy movement in your life, you’ve probably become really dependent on your phone, and all the things it can do for you. You can do anything with your phone—even order a pizza and have it delivered in thirty minutes. Now, The Catch app makes it possible for you to even date on your phone. You don’t have to spend time searching out a possible date since The Catch app makes them come to you.

What’s The Difference?

Rather than having their importance based on how they look, The Catch app allows people to feel important by having them get to know each other’s personalities. Of course, physical appearance is the first thing that will catch your attention, but after that, the main focus is personality. On top of that, The Catch app makes sure that the main essences of dating are still included, such as flirting, admiring, and even first-date butterflies. Questions are asked and personalities discovered instead of good-looking people put on display and a disappointing dating experience later.

Last Word

You may think that you can’t get to know a person over a dating game on an app, but you might be surprised. An alpha test on The Catch app game showed that twenty percent of the people who participate in The Catch app games end up going on dates. The app might not be for you, but then again it might. You could end up going on a fantastic date with a great person. It never hurts to try. Just take a test run, and see if The Catch app is right for you.