What is Hinge Dating App and How to Use It to Get Dates?


Hinge Dating App app works by connecting you with people in your social network. This is the main difference between Hinge and other dating apps such as Tinder, Bumble, Grindr and etc.

In today’s dating world, searching for “the one” does not have to be a lifelong process. Online dating is as prevalent, if not more prevalent, than any other method of dating. The stigma that online dating cannot establish a real connection between people and spark relationships is an outdated one.

In the not-so-distant past, people would snicker if you revealed that you had met someone online. The assumption used to be that it could never work because it was not “real” dating. That notion has disappeared over the course of this decade.

There are hundreds of dating apps that are now available at your fingertips. Some are expensive and time-consuming. They put pressure on you to find a soul mate immediately. Others are too casual and are full of people just looking to “hook up.” Hinge is the middle ground.

How does Hinge app work?

The Hinge app is a dating app that uses your social networks to connect you with people that are in your social circle already. Hinge gets to know you through background questions that will reveal a bit of your personality to a counterpart. Taking all of the information you provide, Hinge searches through the vast tree of undiscovered social connections in your network and provides a pool of people to possibly match with. You do not just sit there and swipe through strangers around you.

Hinge offers the convenience of a much more casual dating app with the detail-oriented user experience of an expensive service. It also makes you feel much more comfortable with your interactions. Other dating apps just use your location to match you with anybody. Hinge has taken the search to the next level. It eliminates the “stranger” in the process. Everyone that comes across your screen is a friend of a friend so there is less cause for concern when interacting. Because it is your actual reputation on the line, there is accountability to your behavior as well. Interactions are appropriate and genuine because your behavior within the app reflects on you within your real-life social circle.

Hinge can be a great way to get dates you actually look forward to. Be yourself and you will see there are people out there that would love to date you. Focus on a few areas when using hinge to help find you a date.

How to be successful on Hinge?

Take your time on each individual bio. It is not a race. Too many people employ the “cast a wide net” tactic and continually swipe right. That is the wrong way to go about it. People who swipe right less often are more likely to find a date. That does not mean you should be picky. But the point is that you are looking for one person, not a hundred.

Hinge is a dating app, not a game. If you are looking to find an actual date, then use Hinge the way it is meant to be used. If you are just swiping to get matches and never communicating, then you are going to be disappointed when you are not going on dates with anybody. Do not swipe right on someone unless you want to start a conversation with them. And do start a conversation with someone that you have matched with. It is a simple tip and will help you find a good date.

Exercise patience while messaging. Just because you have matched with someone, does not mean that they want to go on a date with you immediately. Everyone likes to be wooed. People want to be excited for a date not scared. So use the messaging tool on Hinge. It is important not to just to say “hello,” but actually hold a conversation before jumping to a date. People who exchange more messages and exchange messages more often using the app are more likely to date. Of course, eventually, it is a good idea to swap phone numbers when it comes to that. But you do not want to ask for a number immediately after someone responds. Build up a little bit of anticipation. You will have better luck getting a date that way.

If you want a relationship, go out on dates. Do not sit around swiping and messaging until the end of time. It is a dating app. Use it as such. The more dates you actually go on, the more likely it is that you will find someone.

Dating is a process. It can be frustrating, complicated, and it can make you feel hopeless. But Hinge will make dating a little less complicated, a little more fun, and a lot more satisfying.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online