What is Bumble Dating App and How Does it Work?


Today we will review Bumble dating app, will find out how it works and why is it different from Tinder. First of all, if you are not familiar with Bumble it is a dating app similar to Tinder but the main difference is that on Bumble only women can initiate the conversation.

That’s one of the reasons why some people think that bumble is a feminist app. That’s also the reason why Bumble is quite popular among women who are tired of receiving thousands of messages from guys in whom they are not interested. Bumble is currently available for both Android and IOS users. If you are interested in Bumble, you might also want to try Match.com which is one of the biggest online dating sites in the world. View pics for free now on Match.com, the #1 dating site!

How to get matches on Bumble?

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Similarly to Tinder, to get a match both users need to swipe right on each other. After that, a woman will have 24 hours to message a guy and if she doesn’t, a match will disappear. As it was already mentioned you cannot start the conversation with women and if you really want to chat with a girl, you just matched, the only thing you can do so is to use “Bumble time extension” option which gives you additional 24 hours before match expires. If for some reason you swiped the wrong person and want to get unmatched on Bumble you will need to use “Backtrack” feature on your app.

One problem with Bumble is that many women are too shy to send the first message and since guys are not allowed to initiate the conversation many matches that could have potentially resulted in a date simply expire. That’s why if you are the woman and you are using Bumble you will need to act proactively and be brave enough to send messages to guys if you want to get any dates from Bumble. However, I would also suspect that some women and guys on Bumble just create accounts to see how many matches and messages they can get. Those users usually are not looking to chat with anyone or even go on a date.

How to create Bumble account and add photos?

Similarly to Tinder and many other dating apps, Facebook is used to sign up with Bumble. In most cases, it provides pain-free fast sign ups, however, if someone doesn’t have Facebook it might create some issues. To add pictures to your Bumble account you can either import them from Facebook or upload them directly into your app.

What to do if you are not getting matches on Bumble?

As with any other dating app, the number of matches and messages you will receive on Bumble will highly depend on the how good is your profile and the quality of photos you upload. Having great photos is the must for both men and women on Bumble because that’s usually the first thing other members see when they stumble upon your Bumble profile. If you suspect that you might be below average looking, just put some extra effort and improve your appearance by getting the nice haircut, tan, get some muscles or if you are a woman just put a good makeup. If nothing else works, you can also try experimenting with Photoshop. The same goes for anyone who is not really photogenic. Alternatively, if you have access to a professional photographer, use his/her services. It might require some initial investment to get high-quality photos but this will ultimately result in a larger amount of dates and relationships.

Should you use Bumble or Tinder?

Obviously, Tinder is more well-known dating app and a number of users on Tinder is also much larger. If you are new to online dating I would suggest starting with Tinder and then experiment with Bumble. However, keep in mind that most people on Tinder and Bumble are just looking for a hookup or quick fling and definitely not anything serious.

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