What do Guys Like to Hear in Bed? (Dirty Things to DO in Bed)


So you are dating a guy and want to make sure that you are making your bedroom life the best it can be? Dating is a great way to connect with someone and develop a relationship with them that could change your life forever. Sex can be an important part of that relationship. However, you may feel like your sex is getting redundant or simply want to know the things you can do to make the sex more enjoyable for him. 

What to say to a man in bed?

Many times people can have a hard time knowing what to say in bed as it is easy to get embarrassed in your venerable moments. Not to mention you want to avoid sounding as cheesy as possible while still getting your point across. So it comes down to one simple question: What do guys like to hear in bed? It is important to understand that guys are not so different from girls when it comes to sex. You also need to decide if you want to be more romantic, or if you want to be sexier as this will change the approach of what you will say to your guy.

Things men like to hear

First and foremost, understand that guys are people just like you. What do you like to hear in bed? Think about the kinds of things you wish he would say to you. Do you think he would like to hear similar things? Guys are not an alien species that are completely non-understandable. Chances are if you would like hearing something similar, he would like it as well. Also, try to understand his quirks. Are there specific things he liked hearing before. Is he insecure about his body? For example, if he is, tell him how much you think his body is sexy. Cater to what will matter to them the most.

How to be ROMANTIC in bed?

Are you trying to be romantic? If so, simply telling him how much you love him can be an easy and straightforward way to show him you care. Tell him things like, “you have never loved anyone as much as him”, “how handsome and beautiful he is”. Don’t be afraid to get specific. Talk about his body, his eyes, his hair, anything you find your mind wandering to when you think about him. Talk about how you love being with him and you love the way he makes you feel. Be honest and open and tell him all the things that are on your mind when he is being cute with you. Talk about how you can’t believe you found someone so great or amazing or whatever he is to you. Validate him being with you.

How to be SEXY in bed?

If you are looking to take a sexy approach then you can spice up what you are going to say. Think about your favorite things that he does to you while you are in bed. Now tell him how much you like those things and explain why. Talk about the best times the two of you fucked and the things he does that drive you crazy. Tell him about how you liked having sex with him. It may seem simple, but it can do wonders for an ego to be able to let someone know you like what they are doing. You can also whisper things that you would like him to do to you in the future. This can not only be a good way to make the sex you are having in the moment be sexy but also let you talk about your desires to ensure you have spicy sex in the future. Not to mention many times it is easier to share a sexual fantasy when you are in the throes of passion so as to not have to randomly bring it up another time. If you want more ideas on how to turn on your man in bed, WATCH – How to Be His Guilty Pleasure?

Overall, guys want to hear all kinds of things in bed. Not all guys are the same. The first thing you need to do is decide what kinds of guy you are dating and think about the things he would like to hear. Debate if he would like to hear similar things that he says to you, if he would want you to be romantic with him, or if he would want you to be sexy. Don’t be afraid to get specific and tell him all kinds of things. Chances are, if you stay true to yourself, he will find pretty much anything you say a turn on.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online