How to Write Simple Tinder Bios That Get Results? (14 Powerful Tips)

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The Tinder world can be a difficult one to navigate. Of course, your pictures are an important part of your profile, but what about the bio? This can make or break whether someone swipes right. These tips can help make a killer bio that will win you more matches.

  1. Be Straightforward

If you’re only looking for hookups, be explicit about this in your bio. It can save a lot of time and confusion. Same thing if you’re looking for something long term. “I don’t really know what I’m doing here” isn’t appealing!

2. Have a sense of humor

According to research, having something humorous in your bio can increase your likeability. Research has also shown that laughter is one of the most important elements in developing a relationship. If you don’t feel like you’re funny, however, you might be better off avoiding this route; cheesy tactics like quoting movies are boring and not likely to enhance your bio much.

3. Be Original

There are millions of people on tinder – how are you going to make yourself stand out? Make sure your profile highlights something interesting about your personality. Don’t make another bland profile that potential matches will easily overlook.

4. Mention your hobbies

This may seem obvious, but it’s an important one if you’re looking for a relationship. People want to see relatable activities on someone’s bio. Mentioning your hobbies will give them a clearer idea of who you are.

5. Describe what you’re looking for

Don’t make your entire profile exclusively about you. Mention some qualities that you’re looking for in a partner. According to researchers, the ideal ratio is 70:30 – 70% of your profile should talk about you, 30% should talk about what you’re looking for. This gives the people looking at your profile something to identify with.

6. Choose wisely

You don’t need to write your entire life story – keep it simple. Only choose the details that you think are necessary to share. Getting straight to the point will save you time and give potential matches the important details without unnecessary info. People have lots of profiles to sift through; they don’t have all day to spend reading yours.

7. Don’t Brag

This is somewhat of a no-brainer, but avoid it at all costs. Don’t brag about things like your IQ or your GPA, especially. This is a turn off for most people.

8. Be slightly mysterious

Don’t give everything about yourself away at once! This will give your matches an opportunity to find out more about you through messaging or in person. Getting to know someone yourself is more exciting than reading everything about them in their profile.

9. Link to your social media account

This is an optional tip, of course – only share your Instagram or other sites if you are comfortable with strangers looking at it. Sharing your Instagram, if you have one, can let potential matches get to know you better through your pictures. You can also link to your Twitter if you have one, as long as you’re not constantly sharing your location on there.

10. Don’t be too Controversial

Unless it’s a deal breaker for you, don’t talk about politics or any other controversial topics. This can come across as inappropriate. Save these conversations for someone you actually know.

11. Don’t be Embarrassed

Don’t be ashamed to be on Tinder! It’s not awkward unless you make it awkward. Just be yourself and have fun. Nobody is going to judge you – after all, they’re on Tinder, too.

12. Don’t make yourself Boring to look “cute”

This one goes especially for girls. Acting like a boring airhead isn’t going to get you more matches. Just be yourself and you’ll match with the right people who genuinely want to talk to you.

13. Don’t Use pick-up lines

This one is specifically for guys. If you must use them, save them for the messaging stage. Even if you think it’s clever, is it really a good representation of yourself?

14. Keep it simple

Depending on how many potential matches are in the area, people are going to be sifting through a lot of profiles. Nobody has time to read your entire resume, so keep it short. Include only the most important details and use short sentences.

Remember, the bio is just a small part of having a successful Tinder account. It exists to compliment your pictures because looks aren’t the only important thing. The bio should be simple and sweet, providing just enough information for your potential matches to know that they want to swipe right. Be brief, be yourself, and you’ll match with the right people.

Also, keep in mind that you can use the tips above to create an awesome bio on other dating websites. Tinder can be a lot of fun but if you are looking for a serious relationship you will be better off joining a dating website such as Match which caters more towards serious dating. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

Dating Website Why You Should Join? Age Check it Out
  • Largest dating website in the world.
18-60+ Try
  • Ideal if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Ideal for mature singles