How to tell if an older woman is attracted to you?


The dating scene is booming with older women looking for younger men. The reasoning behind some older women going for younger men can vary from female to female. Some older women give the reasoning of wanting a younger mate because of their sexual desires, others may say that it did not work out when they tried their hand at dating men their own age, and some may say they are simply in it for the thrill.

All of which are valid points as to why “cougars” have become a well-known craze. Cougars have been on the dating scene for years and they have become more common as time goes on. So, what are the signs that an older woman is interested in sleeping with you? Below are a list of signs you may want to look out for.

They ignore advances from other men their age and focus solely on you

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

In this case, it does not only have to be men their age, but young males as well. No matter how much other guys may try to spark her attention you seem to be the only one she keeps her eyes on. Eye contact is key with this tip. Does she look at you lustfully or is it more of a kind and welcoming stare? You do not want to mistake friendly eye contact as a lustful one. Her non-verbal communication to others compared to her nonverbal cues to you serve as guides. You must learn to be attentive to these cues. Without paying attention to her actions, you may face being misled. You may think she is showing you genuine sexual interest when in all actuality she does not take notice.

An older woman usually knows what she wants sexually. If she is interested, she will show it. Also, take note in how she says goodbye. If she has given you a kiss, would you note it as a passionate one or just a peck? The way she kisses you is a nonverbal sign of her own wants. She would not just French kiss anyone or try to elongate the kiss if she was not interested.

Analyze what she wears when you are around

Before these types of thoughts ran through your head, you may have paid little to no mind of what the older woman wore. Have you noticed that when you bump into her at the grocery store she is fully covered, but when you invited her out for dinner she left nothing to the mind? That may be because she is giving you a little sneak peek of what she wants you to see. Now, this does not serve as an excuse to dive head in and assume that because she is showing cleavage you should invite her to your bedroom. Just take note that she is comfortable showing off her body to you and may ask if you would like to see a little more in the long run.

She constantly brings up sex in the conversation

It may be blunt, but sometimes women (especially older experienced women) just cannot hold their sexual desires in. Be sure to take note of how often she talks about sex. It is either she is very open to you or is hinting at what she would like to do with you. Test your waters and see how she reacts when the topic of sex is brought up to her. If she shies away from the topic of the conversation, maybe she is not interested and just wanted to be open to a friend.
Be forewarned that a woman’s interests and communication skills vary. She may not mention sex at her own accord to maintain modesty.

Keep your ears peeled for subtle hint
Sexual jokes targeted towards you could be a sheer sign of her interests. She may tell you what she would do to you if she would sleep with you. During a date, she may hint at wanting to take you to a hotel or even her home. It is best to listen to get suggestions just in case she may feel thrown off when you bring up how you are interested in spending the night with her.

Go for what you know

Regardless of the signs, if she verbally tells you she is interested in sleeping with you more than likely that is so. The last thing you should do is take a few hints and forcefully run with it. Take some time to have her admit to wanting to sleep with you. Her answer may be more upfront than you thought.