How to Seduce Your Husband or Boyfriend in Bed?


Whether the woman has a long-term boyfriend or a husband, keeping the magic alive can be tough because, as with most things, the same routines can become tiresome. Even if that is not the case, every couple wants to try new things to keep the spark alive in their relationship. But how does one go about seducing their husband or boyfriend in bed?

Baggy to Sexy

Though baggy t-shirts and jeans may seem comfortable for some women, it may not be the most attractive look for men. To gain more attention, a new and sexier wardrobe may be in order and while it is a common stereotype that in order to be sexy, she needs to wear revealing and risqué clothing, it is not always the case. Sexy outfits generally include clothing that suits the body type while being the latest style for the age group she is in. Instead of keeping clothes that have been worn for 10+ years, sell the old clothes or donate them and buy new ones that complement the body type, even if she has gained a little weight.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Try New Things with Your Husband or Boyfriend

Many women fear rejection when they want to try something new in bed, but men actually find it attractive to experiment with their women. It can be especially invigorating for him if he has made suggestions in the past and his woman decides to give it a try. Trying something new can even introduce the woman to something she didn’t know she liked while giving her the upper hand in seducing her husband, effectively killing two birds with one stone!

Give Him PDA

Though the ideas of love have evolved over time, the idea of a couple expressing themselves in public displays of affection can be scandalous to many people and be sneered at. Nevertheless, it excites a man for his wife or girlfriend to kiss his neck or run her fingers through his hair without a care as to who is watching. It can send out a signal to him that it does not matter who is watching, she wants him and she does not care who knows it.

Take a Vacation

With work, school, parenting, and social obligations, it is no wonder that sometimes the couple may run out of steam or simply not have the time for an elaborate seduction. To escape the everyday stress of life, a weekend away or alone at home can be the perfect time to explore new options in the couple’s sex lives. Shop beforehand and make sure all the favorite foods are in the cupboard so that there is no reason to leave. If she is feeling especially risqué, it may be an excellent idea to buy foods that he can eat off her to bring the spark back to the bedroom!

Give Him a Smooch

After a long, hard day of work, men often want to fall into bed or onto the couch with a remote, which can be the most challenging hurdle to seduction. Many studies have been conducted over the years that have shown that a passionate kiss can cause most men to get turned on. Right as he walks in the door, she can lean in for a kiss before anyone says a word and distract him from his stressful day for some sexy time. Followed up by undressing in front of him, she could seduce him seconds after he’s come through the door.

Catch Him in the Morning Shower

It is a common misconception that quickies are for parents and a good morning romp can be exactly what he needs. Surprise sex can make the rest of his day that much better and more relaxed. Just seeing his wife or girlfriend come through the shower door or curtain naked can be all it takes to begin the seduction!

A Nice Massage for Your Husband or Boyfriend

If kissing right after he gets home or wandering around with no clothes on is not what the woman is comfortable with, it can be especially helpful to give him a nice massage. It has been proven that a man’s libido is often affected by stress, which can make sex more difficult. A back rub or massage can elevate some of the stress and once he is good and relaxed, the seduction can begin.

Seducing a spouse can make a woman nervous, but there are plenty of options to spice things up in the bedroom once more. She can change her wardrobe, try new things, practice PDA, take time alone with him, kiss him passionately, jump in on his shower, and even give him a nice massage. Everyone has desires and there are a few simple tips that could be used to seduce a husband or boyfriend. If these do not work, it could also help to ask him what he would like to try in order to find a seduction style that is unique to him.