How to Meet and Date Girls on Instagram?


Today let’s take a look at some easy hacks to meet girls on Instagram. If you ever used Instagram you know that it is full of hot girls. Almost every girl has Instagram account from the teen girls in high school to famous models. Just think about the number of girls you could date if you figure out how you could use Instagram to contact girls you like and then ask them on a date.

Unfortunately, it is not so simple and there is no way to just start chatting with girls on Instagram unless you just comment on their photos. That’s why guys usually avoid using Instagram to meet girls and the ones who do use it have no clue what they are doing and often came off as creeps.

The first thing to remember when using Instagram to meet girls is that Instagram is not a dating website and using direct approaches such commenting on girls’ photos with comments like “Hey sexy” or “Hey gorgeous do you want to meet up for a coffee will rarely work even on the most desperate girls. There are few steps to meeting girls on Instagram:

  1. Build your own Instagram account first and make sure it conveys that you are trustworthy, cool and attractive. Having a dozen of photos of yourself shirtless in the bathroom will not help you in getting girls’ attention. Instead upload photos of yourself participating in fun activities such traveling, playing sports, hiking ad etc. Also, make sure you have some photos with other people so that girls know that you are not a social outcast. Photos of nature, sunsets, and ocean work great as well. It also helps to have some likes and discussions going on in the comments to show that you have social proof.
  2. For this step, you have two options, you can either go to some girl’s profile and comment on a few of her photos or you can wait until girls start commenting on your photos. Girls will be more receptive to your approaches if they are the ones who first commented on your photo and that is why having a large number of followers is quite helpful. Make sure that the first comment you leave doesn’t show your intentions and instead conveys that you are just a friendly guy. This step involves building some rapport so that girls know that you are not just another creep. After you built some rapport it is time to show more interest and get girl’s Facebook or even phone number. The best way to do so is to use Direct Message.
  3. After getting the number you can start texting the girl and building more tension. Before asking the girl you met on Instagram out, it is always not a bad idea to talk to her on the phone to show her that you are a normal guy and not a stalker. After that, you can ask her to go out for a coffee or something small so that there is no much pressure on the girl. Some type of fun activity such as skating, beach and even shopping work great as well.

That’s is pretty much the structure of how anyone can start meeting girls on Instagram. Obviously, there are always will be people who will tell you that it is creepy to pick up girls on sites such as Facebook or Instagram but you should just ignore them. Those are the same people who think that it is creepy to approach girls on the street or struck a conversation with strangers because most likely they just lack the confidence to do it. If you don’t feel brave enough to meet girls on Instagram, try joining online dating sites such like Match or Eharmony and see if online dating is something you want to pursue.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online