How to Meet and Chat with Girls on Omegle?


Omegle: one of the premier anonymous chat sites in the entire internet today. Where you can talk to anyone, anywhere, at any time. However, because there’s no way of immediately knowing even the most basic information about the other person; for all you know, you could be speaking to a man, woman, child, or snuffles: king of puppies!

While it’s unclear why anyone wouldn’t want to speak to Snuffles: king of puppies; that is not the subject at hand. The subject is how, on a website notorious for complete and total anonymity up until the chat boots up, can one find and chat with girls? If you are a man or woman on Omegle with this question on your mind, here are some helpful steps to give you the best chance of not only finding girls but keeping the conversation rolling.

Step #1. Relevant topics

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

One of the few tools Omegle gives you to narrow your searches is the ability to search for chat partners based on interests. So your best chance at finding an actual girl on the site is to look up topics relevant to a female demographic. Look up any piece of media (music, T.V., movies etc.) with a high female demographic, or relevant cultural topics to women.

#2. Have conversation starters ready

No one wants to be the one who’s just sitting there waiting for the other one to begin the conversation. Have a list of potential ice-breakers on standby, either on paper or memorized in your head. That way you’ll have an easier time beginning the conversation and be more likely to impress whoever you’re talking to.

#3. Do not ask if they’re female off the bat

Bluntly asking the other person whether or not they’re actually female tends to turn people off. Such an unnervingly straightforward question puts a clear picture in the other person’s head, whether they’re male or female, where you intend to go with this conversation. Let the conversation flow naturally, and pick up subtle clues from the way they talk and what they talk about to discern the answer for yourself.

#4. When video chatting, make sure the person is real

Omegle comes with a video chat function, which makes it easy to figure out the gender of your chat partner. However, this comes with its own problems. For one, it may be a recording instead of an actual person, put there as a prank for anyone unlucky enough to be matched with it. One good way to test the waters on this is to start out with a really out there, random topic, like how raccoons are more closely related to bears than rodents. No one expects something like that to be the first thing a stranger says to them, and if they aren’t a recording, their reaction will match that.

#5. Light conversation

Joy of joys, you’ve actually managed to get a girl on text/video chat. The first step in keeping the conversation going is to stay on light subjects if at all possible. Ask her where she lives, what her favorite hobby is, her favorite food etc. Stay as far away from heavier subject matter as you can, nothing derails a conversation and ruins a potential friendship like religion or politics.

#6. Find common ground

Few things fire up a conversation faster than common interests do. If she brings up a topic you enjoy, and she clearly enjoys as well, let her know because you have just hit the jackpot. Now you have a firm foundation on which to build the conversation. Keep riding this new flow and the conversation will be all the smoother and more casual for it.

#7. Funny, but classy

Everyone has a threshold for how far they’re willing to go with their jokes. Don’t roll those dice at first; crack jokes by all means, but stay classy about it. Her behavior and dialogue during the conversation will give you a clear indicator of how dark her sense of humor is willing to go, but make sure she’s become casual enough with you to make those sorts of jokes before you start walking that tightrope.

Some see Omegle as an experimental new way of interacting with new people, getting to know complete strangers in a way talking in public simply wouldn’t allow. Others see it as, put bluntly, creepy. But if you love Omegle, these steps will be a great help in finding and holding a conversation with a female stranger better than you’ve managed to up to this point.

Even though Omegle is great for meeting and chatting with girls, it was not created as a dating platform and that’s why getting actual dating on Omegle might be challenging. Instead, if you are looking for a girlfriend you might want to visit a regular dating site such as Match. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!