How to Make a Girl Wet over Text?


How to write a text that will make a girl wet? That is a question that many may ask themselves when texting a female they have come to like. Truth is, all women are different. What you may text one woman could pose as a turn-on, but for another, the same could be more of a turn-off.

Should You be Sending Your Explicit Photos to Girls?

A big mistake that some guys make is sending nudes at the wrong type of female. That is not to say some women do not enjoy receiving some explicit pictures, but please know that just because that may have worked for your ex, it may not work on your new girlfriend. Getting a girl “wet” over a text can be quite tricky but if done right there can be a chance of winning her over in person. In a way, I suppose one could say that it has a lot to do with psychology.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

How to Talk Dirty to Girls?

Start off with making sure the female has some type of attraction to you. How long have you known her? After knowing her for a day, talking to her using explicit language could make her uncomfortable. Warm up first and get to know her interests. As time passes she will open up to you more and soon you both can have open conversations. When it gets to that point of knowing her well you can ask her what she likes. Start off small though, don’t just dive in by asking her something about her sexual past. Be playful: showing the girl your sweet side could make her want to talk to you more and tease you a little. Some girls love innocence and throwing them off guard by saying something they would have never expected a “sweet guy” like you to say could make them want to see what pushing the limits with you are like. The website Artofcharm created an example of using the innocent yet clever approach:

“Her: okay you are seriously the sweetest. Can I keep you?
Response: Like in a cage? Prob not… in handcuffs for a night…maybe.”

Mix Humour and Sexual Innuendos If You Want to Get Her Wet

Most girls love humor and find no problem with a few kinds being mixed in, but do not make it a habit throughout the conversation. You do not want to wreak of desperation by throwing dirty puns at in every text which leads me into another tactic. Once you get to know about her interests that she enjoys behind closed doors sexual innuendos could be a way to stimulate her. Sexual innuendos that include her own fantasies will remind her of what she desires which in turn will trigger her imagination.

Another tip is having knowledge. Yes, I know it may come off as cliché, but if there is one thing women love is someone who is dedicated to something they have always had an interest in. FYI, this also gives you an insight on what they want. For instance, say that you met a girl who has an interest in fashion. Show her that you know a little bit about it and once you have her attention you can go into something a little deeper. Learn what she is passionate about and go with it. Does she like fashion? Ask her does she own an article of revealing clothing and take it from there. If she is reluctant to try to steer the conversation back to more of a friendly basis. Remember, you do not want to scare her off.

Tell Her About Your Own Desires

After some time of sexual banter, you will be faced with having to tell her upfront what your own sexual desires are. By this point, you should have already gotten to know what she wants and what her own interest are comprised of. Tell her how she makes you feel whenever the both of you are around what another. Ask her if you could tell her something, say that you have been feeling it for quite some time. If she shows you that her curiosity is peaked and you both are comfortable tell her about what your fantasies are that include her. Be sure to use a little of everything you have learned about her as a way to keep her interested.

As stated in the very beginning, all females are different. What turns one girl on may not work do the trick for every other female you show an interest in. That is why it is highly suggested to get to know the person first before you head into explicit text and remember if she shows that she is not interested do not try to force it upon her. Wait a while and possibly try again. You will be amazed by what you learn about her.