How to Get a Girlfriend if You Never Had One? (Virgin’s Edition)


Are you saving your virginity for until you get married? Or maybe you just haven’t found the right girl to engage in intercourse with yet? Either way, the dating scene can be rather intimidating for those out there who’ve never had a sexual experience.

It is perfectly normal to wonder if there are women out there with the same belief about waiting, and even though you know there are, being a virgin is still a barrier that has to be considered when dealing with most women in this day in age.

However, this should never stop you from searching for that special woman who will enjoy and love you for who you are. You may or may not find a woman who is also a virgin, but even those women who’ve lost their virginity can be understanding and accepting of another’s personal preferences.

If you’re a virgin and struggling to find a girlfriend, here are four things to consider when approaching this delicate matter.

  1. Don’t Tell Her That You are a Virgin

When you first meet a woman, it is not as if you have a sign on your forehead that says “virgin right here”. If after a long, deep conversation you want to divulge that information, then you should feel no shame in doing so, but most likely that conversation shouldn’t come up in the initial meeting. In saying this, don’t feel as though you’re misleading her. If she wants to see you again, it’s obviously not because of your sexual prowess. It’s because she is genuinely interested in who you are; because you expressed something that attracted her. Be confident in your attributes and know that they will attract the right woman at the right time.

  1. Don’t Settle for the First Woman You Meet

Sometimes being a male virgin can lose the interest of women who had enjoyed your company but were honest in expressing they wanted someone with experience in bed. This should not discourage you though, nor should it make you anxious or impulsive. Because finding a girlfriend may be a little more difficult, that doesn’t mean you need to settle for the first woman who accepts your virginity.

You will find a girlfriend, and she will be exactly the type that you allow yourself to find. If you’re willing to settle for the first woman, then you’re liable to get anything. But, if you’re willing to be patient, you will surely attract a woman who will make you happy on many different levels. You virginity doesn’t exclude you from finding a great girl.

  1. Try Online Dating Instead of Bars and Clubs

So, there is no problem with going to a bar or nightclub to find a girlfriend, especially if you know how to dance (if you can dance, throngs of women will flock to you, whether you’re a virgin or not). Yes, the alcohol can spike hormones and a lot of people are looking for sex when they’re drinking, but there are plenty of people who have met their significant other at a bar. However, if you’re not the bar-going type, online dating has become a popular option.

The best part about online dating is you can create a profile and put down any personal information you’d like. Maybe you want women to know you’re a virgin right away and you decide to put that in your profile – this way you will attract women who already know your inexperience, thus weeding out the ones you would meet otherwise at other places who later find out and explain they want more. This process can be disheartening and a waste of time and money (if dinner and dates are involved). But, online dating allows you to effectively and efficiently communicate what you’d like with possible admirers. is a great place to get started – Subscribe and pay 25% less at – Register now to see who’s in your area!

  1. Don’t Idealize Virgin Girls 

It is important when searching for a girlfriend that while you place much of the attention on your virginity, there is someone else involved in this equation. It is easy to be so caught up in trying to find a woman who will accept your inexperience that when you do find her, you begin to think she is perfect. I assure you she is not; however, to think this can be disastrous in the future.

If she’s not a virgin, just leave her past in the past. Don’t constantly bring up her sexual experiences when fights arise, because they will arise and your insecurity will try its hardest to peek its ugly head out.

If she is a virgin, don’t think of her as the perfect human being ever. It’s nice to respect, admire, and appreciate her, but just because she’s one of the few people who you’ve ever met that connects with you on a sexual level, doesn’t mean she flawless.


The dating scene can be intimidating for virgin men. Where are the best places to find women to date? How should I approach initial conversations? How do I know if she’s the right one?

These are all questions guys with no sexual experience will ask themselves when searching for a girlfriend, but the thing that matters most is to be confident in who you are and your beliefs and morals. Women who don’t wish to date you because you’re a virgin are not the type of women you want to waste your time with anyway. Be patient, don’t settle, and be yourself.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online