How to Get a Date on Tinder in Less Than 7 Days?

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What is Tinder and why should you care?

Tinder completely changed the online dating scene and made it mainstream. Just several years ago the popular belief was that only ugly people with no social skills are using online dating. Today more than 70% of the young population had used online dating at some point in their life. Even the older generation started to catch up as well.

Tinder app made dating extremely easy and eliminated the need to answer 100s of questions in order to start meeting people. All you need to do to start chatting with someone on Tinder is to like their photo by swiping it to the right and if they like you back you will be able to chat with that person. This feature allows people to choose who they want to chat with and eliminates the need to read through hundreds of messages from people you might not be interested in.

How to start meeting people on Tinder?

The first step to start using Tinder is pretty straightforward and requires you to register with Tinder and download Tinder app to your phone. Since Tinder app works with Facebook to create your dating profile you will need to have Facebook account in order to start using Tinder. After that, you will have a chance to customize your Tinder profile. Since Tinder is mainly visually based dating service, having a great profile and pictures will be crucial if you want to get dates.

Upload pictures that will get you dates

  • Upload only the most attractive photos of yourself. If not sure, ask your friends of opposite sex to see which photos they think will get the most likes. Alternatively, go to picture rating website like and upload several of your photos and then chose the ones with the highest rating and use them for your Tinder profile.
  • Avoid photos that show you with the members of the opposite sex. Otherwise, your potential dates might think that you are only looking for fun and not serious about dating.
  • Pictures showing you engaged in some type of fun activity work the best.
  • It is okay to upload shirtless photos as long as they were taken in the environment where it would be fine to walk shirtless (ex. Beach) but avoid uploading shirtless photos taken in your washroom.
  • At least one of the photos should be a clear picture of your face.

Create profile that will encourage other people to start chatting with you

  • Short, unique and flirty profiles usually work the best.
  • Avoid telling blunt lies in your bio. It might help you in getting dates but when you actually meet the person they will find out if you lied and it will be the immediate turn-off. The most common lies are about height, weight, age, marital status, and job.

Set your Tinder profile settings properly to increase your chances of getting dates.

  • Define the proximity based on the distance you are comfortable traveling. Keep in mind that decreasing the distance will also decrease the number of people you will be able to meet. On the other hand, the excessive distance may include people from other cities.
  • The same goes for the age range. Increasing age range will increase the number of people you will be able to meet but might also introduce some people you might not be interested in.
  • Make sure to specify your own gender and gender of the people you want to meet.

How to start chatting on Tinder?

As it was mentioned previously to start chatting on Tinder you will need to like the photo of the person you would like to start a conversation with and they should like you back. After that, you will be able to click the conversation button and start the conversation. The first message you send is crucial and will be the deciding point on whether you will get a reply or not. Messages such as “hi”, “what’s up” or “how is it going” will rarely get replies unless you are extremely good looking.

Tips on getting replies on Tinder

  • Your messages should convey that you are interested but don’t sound needy or desperate.
  • Make sure your messages convey that you have some values and you are not the type of person who would date just about anybody. Need more help? Read this – How to Write Online Dating Messages That get Responses?

What to do before asking someone on the date on Tinder?

  • Make sure the person you are talking to is not fake. It is always a great idea to ask for the number and talk on the phone before going on the actual date.
  • If you are not sure if the person you are chatting with is actually attractive in real life, ask for Facebook and check other photos on their profile. If the person doesn’t have at least one photo showing the full body it might be the warning sign that he or she might look a little different in real life than on the picture.

How to ask someone on the date on Tinder?

  • It is crucial to ask for the date in first 3 days after initial message while using Tinder to meet singles. If you don’t, the other person will think that you are not interested and they might stop talking to you. Tinder was created to speed updating and that is why it is important to move fast while using Tinder app.
  • When asking for the date don’t put lots of pressure on the other person and make it easy for them to say yes. There is no need to go to the restaurant on the initial date and Starbucks might work just fine. If the girls or guy you are chatting with on Tinder asks you why you want to meet up so soon just tell them that you are not a big fan of chatting online and that it is much easier to get to know someone offline over the cup of coffee.

Final words on Tinder

Tinder is the great dating application if you are looking to have fun and meet new people. However, if you are looking for potential long term partner or someone of the marriage material you should consider dating website like Most people who use are more serious about dating since the website charges a small fee for its services. This small fee helps to repel spammers that you might meet on Tinder. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

Dating Website Why You Should Join? Age Check it Out
  • Largest dating website in the world.
18-60+ Try
  • Ideal if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Ideal for mature singles