How to Find Out if Your Girlfriend is a Gold Digger?


If you’re looking for love but worried that a girl showing interest in you might actually be interested in your money, you need to know what signs to watch out for. You don’t want to be duped into dating a gold-digger, but how can you tell the difference when it seems that your girlfriend is truly committed to the relationship?

She Inquires About Your Financial Situation Early and Often

In a serious relationship, knowing the financial situation is important and often necessary, but it’s not usually a first-date discussion. If she seems to be pressing the financial questions a little too early in the relationship, this could be a sign of a gold-digger status. You might let it slide the first time or two, but if she continues to inquire and ask questions about your finances or salary, don’t mistake this for simple curiosity. She’s checking to see if your finances can carry on throughout the relationship and give her the lifestyle she wants.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Your Girlfriend Only Wants Expensive Gifts

Any time a holiday rolls around, giving gifts to your significant other is a common tradition. From birthdays to Valentines to Christmas, there are a lot of holidays, which will involve gift giving. One way to identify a gold-digger is if you realize that your girlfriend is only interested in expensive gifts. In other relationships, a sentimental, thought-out gift would be appreciated no matter the cost, but a gold-digger would be more interested in the dollar value.

Your Girlfriend Takes for Granted That You’ll Pay

Perhaps you want to pay for the date, and want to buy her things, but look for the signs that she is taking this for granted. If she acts like the bill doesn’t even exist or never offers to pay for anything, this could be an indicator that she expects your money. Any time you go out to eat or shopping, she’ll expect you to spend your money on her.

Your Arguments End in Apology Gifts

Whenever an argument occurs or you disagree on something, you might find that the only way to calm her down or make peace in the situation is by buying an expensive apology gift. She’s not interested in talking things out or figuring out the situation, but rather in getting a new purse or shoes out of the situation. You might find that as your relationship continues, she seems to lean towards arguing and finding things to be upset about, because she knows she can get you to buy something to make up for it. Watch out for this pattern, as it could be a sign your girlfriend is a gold-digger!

She Won’t Take No for an Answer

Sometimes you just can’t afford to buy everything in sight, or don’t think that it’s a wise choice. If your girlfriend won’t listen when you say “no” to spending your money, then take this as a warning. She should be able to understand that your financial situation needs to be handled wisely, and that sometimes means saving rather than spending.

You Barely Know Each Other

You’re dating this person, but how much do you really know about their true personality or persona life? Vice versa, how much does she truly know about you? Your conversations may seem shallow and superficial, and never seem to lead to deep discussions. She’s not in the relationship to get to know you, but rather to get to your wallet. Take a moment of reflection and think about how much your girlfriend actually shares with you, or how much she wants to know about your life other than your finances or status.

Your Girlfriend Straight-Up Asks for Money

In a relationship, this is not always unexpected or uncommon. She may ask for ten bucks because she doesn’t have any cash on her, or you might do the same in reverse. The first time she asks for a larger sum of money, you might not even think it through because it seems only right to help your significant other out. As this becomes an increasingly more common occurrence, however, you’ll start to realize that she has become dependent on your money. She won’t hesitate to ask you for more and she’ll expect you to hand it over, and probably won’t be pleased if you tell her no. Watch out for this to become a habit of hers as you continue to date!

Watch out for these clear signs of a gold-digger status, and avoid getting sucked into a relationship with someone who cares more about your wallet than actually being with you!