How Does Tinder Algorithm Work And What Is Elo Score?


Tinder is one of the most popular dating or hook-up apps out there the past few years and has gotten some pretty successful relationships started from its fun, match-making system! But how does it all work?

How can an app possibly use your small tidbits of information from your profile to connect you with someone most like you through whatever information you allowed Tinder to have access to?

Tinder actually has an internal algorithm within the app that helps match its users with those on the app most similar to them to increase the chance of them having a connection and liking each other.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

But what is an Elo score? Well, an Elo score is a score that is mostly kept private and only for internal use in Tinder. It is a complex algorithmic score that takes into account multiple factors such as your desirability among other Tinder users. This information is never public for people to view on a user’s profile, but more so meant for the employees or workers of Tinder to view so they can improve a user’s experience and the app itself.

One of the biggest things Tinder’s algorithm uses is attractiveness. Tinder uses factors such as attractiveness of each member on the app and judges each user through the frequency of how many other users on Tinder have swiped right or “liked” you and your profile. If you have been liked by many users on the app, then it is likely that you will match with a higher percentage of Tinder users than someone who is not liked much and that many people end up not swiping right on daily.

Tinder also figures out whether some members and users on the app are spammers or bots in order to limit the amount of hassle, spamming, and let down that other users may come by. They figure this out through analyzing how many accounts, whether for match-making sites or social media sites, have been created with the same ID from the same device or email. If there are a ton of random accounts using the same or very very similar information as the profile on Tinder uses, then Tinder itself will judge how to match bots to bots so that no actual users are aggravated or harassed by spam.

Tinder also uses its internal algorithm to judge the newness of the accounts on its app and the newness to certain locations. This is so they can match people up with those most similar to them through information given to the Tinder app that is closest nearby and not halfway across the world or country. This leads to Tinder creating more likely relationship chances because of how important location and safety is to its users. People on Tinder are not planning on driving more than about ten minutes to meet with someone they only matched with on an app, and they definitely will not travel long distances to meet a stranger like this due to how unsafe and possibly dangerous the interaction could become.

Tinder also uses your past matches and reports from its app history to match you with those most similar as they will not continuously match you with someone who looks like the five other failed matches you’ve had the past few months. Tinder tries to connect its users to the most likely matches, so bye going through past swipes or matches, they can narrow down the type of person their user is looking for and will not continue to match its users with the same looking or personality typed people as they have already had.

Tinder also uses some information from social media accounts like Facebook. For example, Tinder’s algorithm uses information such as past statuses, likes, friends, and pages you have visited on Facebook to match you with its users on the Tinder app. They will try to find someone who liked the same pages or know similar people to those in your friend’s list on your social media. This can also help to limit the amount of danger from random matches as if they are someone you might know or your friends may know, it is less likely anything bad will happen if you decide to meet your match or you and your friends can go out together with your match because they might know them.

Tinder itself is a very useful dating app for people to use to try and find easy, close matches while also contributing to their daily lives. Through trusting Tinder’s internal algorithm on matching users with other similar and connected users, people will find they have more options for a match than they might in other dating apps due to the specific algorithm and methods used by Tinder.