How Can an Older Man Attract a Younger Woman?


Do you find yourself attracted to women younger than you but don’t know how to go about gaining their attention? Have you noticed a younger woman latched arm and arm with an older man and wondered how that guy was able to win the affection of someone 10, 20, 30 years younger than him?

There are plenty of men out there who desire to date younger women, but not all of them succeed in finding that proverbial “diamond in the rough”. And that’s just it, just as there are men who want to be with younger women, there are also younger women who want to attract the attention of older men. The key is to know what they are searching for, specifically speaking, and then cater to their curiosity and desires.

Here is a list of ways for an older man to capture a younger woman’s attention, ultimately earning her affection.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Confidence That You Know What She Wants

The allure of dating an older man comes from the idea that, because they are indeed older, they should possess the experience and intimate knowledge that will keep a lady satisfied. A younger woman who seeks an older man is tired of dealing with immature, inexperienced boys, so show her that you are anything but that. Exude confidence in everything you do, like you know exactly what they want. This isn’t to say that you should come off as arrogant, but show your experience with each gesture and action you take. She’s secretly looking for that masculine quality, someone to be confident and take control.

Display Your Stability

People may not want to admit this very real fact, but having money does attract women, especially younger women, so show your financial stability. This doesn’t mean flaunt your money because flaunting will only attract the gold diggers. You want to use your financial freedom, car, house, and other possessions to show that you have a lot to offer.

You also want to convey the message that you’re responsible and able to take care of your own. A younger woman is most definitely not looking for an older gentleman who can’t take care of himself. They want to see stability, coupled with the freedom to go out to dinners, take trips, and enjoy the leisure hours in style. They want to be pampered.

Be the Mature Guy She Hopes You Are

So many young guys and guys in general for that matter have a hard time keeping their emotions in check when it comes to dating women. They get all excited at the first whiff of attraction and start acting possessive and paranoid. Don’t do this! Stay calm, cool, and collected. Convince her that you’re a man, not a boy, and you’re above petty differences and disagreements. Show her that you’re looking for sophistication and class and she will be eager to win your attention because they all want to believe they’re the epitome of sophistication.

Don’t Be the Creepy Older Man

This means, don’t direct the conversation to sex too soon. Younger women have their guard up when it comes to older men taking advantage of them sexually. This is not to say that they don’t secretly crave an older man in a sexual way because they most definitely do; however, when you dive into sex talk early and often, it gives off that creepy old man vibe, and younger women are repulsed by these men.

There will be plenty of time for dirty talk and exploration, but make sure they know that that isn’t your main focus. Add depth to your initial conversations to show your maturity. They desire to be wooed and feel special.

Be the Older Man You Are

There is no need to try to act younger. In fact, doing so will probably have the opposite effect you’re hoping for. If they at any point detect insincerity in your demeanor or think you’re trying to impress them by acting younger than you are, they will surely move on to the next guy. If she is interested in you, it’s because she is attracted to older men. So don’t screw it up by being what she thinks you aren’t. Be who she hopes you are- that older, mature, confident man who has the experience to show and teach her things that men her age can’t.

Personal Appearance is Crucial

Often times older men are under the impression that they can dress like they did 10 or 20 years earlier and still pick up any woman. The harsh reality is they can’t. Older women may not mind an archaic style but younger women are attracted to well groomed and dressed men. They won’t even give a second look to a man who’s clothes are dated and haggard. Spend a little money to find some relevant clothes for the events, bars, clubs, etc. where you hope to meet younger women. It will pay dividends in the end.

As an older man, you have advantages over younger men when it comes to attracting women. Use them. Be confident and show your maturity and experience, while being sure not to make those simple yet disastrous mistakes that will surely drive younger women away. When you take all these things into consideration and put them to use, you’ll be swamped with younger women hoping to win your company.

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