How Can A Single Mom Find Love Again?


Whether divorced, widowed, or just plain single – single mothers are the backbone of the world and do the utmost in raising their children alone and preparing them for their future. So why should single mothers be left without love? That’s not fair, and it’s not true. Single mothers still have hope in finding love once more! Don’t let life get you down and don’t think that the best years of your life is behind you. Single mothers out there – you have still have a special someone waiting for you!

Here are 4 ways a single mother can find love again:

  1. Go Out.

Just because you’re a single mother doesn’t mean that you can’t go out and have some fun while the kids stay home with a nanny or a friend. Go out to local bar scenes, karaoke nights, and possible clubs with some friends or coworkers. There is nothing wrong with getting out there in order to find someone who may become a possible relationship. Have fun during your search too; don’t try to make it just about finding a possible someone. Make it about having fun with friends while flirting around with guys you may believe could be valuable in a relationship. Get pretty, wear that dress you never get to wear at work or taking the kids to school and style your hair in a beautiful style you’ve always wanted to try. This is about trying new things. Going out, finding a relationship, and having fun can all be combined and possibly equal a single mother finding love again.

  1. Try Dating Websites.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Too busy with work to go out every night looking for a possible man to make a relationship with? Why not try some online dating websites. Nowadays online dating is so normal for people to do and is not a secret subject to talk about or be involved in. Plus, many online dating websites are easy and cheap – probably cheaper than going out each night. Sites such as eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, or Match are some options for single mothers looking for love. These are trustworthy sites that cost only a few dollars each month. It is also safer as going out risks bumping into the wrong person, but dating online is safe because you can’t meet with them in person unless you agree to. Online dating is a simple way to find men similar to what you are looking for in a safe, convenient, and secure location known as your computer at home. With this, you can share photographs and messages until you are certain you wish to meet with the man you’ve been speaking to. This is definitely one of the better options for a single mother on the move. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

  1. Don’t Be Coy.

Now is not the time to play hard to get or be immensely shy with new people, new men, that you may meet in your life. If you are more introverted in nature, pretend that you are in an acting class and act like the most outgoing person you could ever possibly be. If you see someone attractive from across the room, gain the energy and the nerve to go up there all by yourself and introduce yourself. Be the one to start conversations either in in-person meetups or on online dating messaging websites. Take the initiative in your love life and strive to find someone to have a nice relationship with. If you never gain the confidence or the push to get yourself out there and start conversations, how are you supposed to find love?

  1. Remember You Are Independent.

No matter what happens it is important to remember that you, as a single mother, are already incredibly independent on your own. So, if you find a relationship and the man wants to be dominant towards your life, do not let that happen. Single mothers can be independent and also find happy relationships if they allow themselves to. It is just important to remember how independent a single mom is and that you can be picky with the men you choose to be in relationships with because you have already come so far in succeeding to raise children by yourself. Do not let possible relationships threaten that independence.

Try out some of these tips to try and find love again because there is never an end to love. No matter how old, or how many kids you have, you can still find someone with the same interests, same ideology, and same perspective on life as you. There is no such thing as being alone forever if you don’t make the effort to try.