How Badoo Encounters Work?


The internet has completely changed the way we do many things, including dating. Long gone are the days of heading down to the bar to try to meet a prospective match, for a partner or for the night. These days, the majority of people going out on dates meet through a dating app. Dating apps are a bit of a unique social experiment, in that they are only as effective as their user base, so in order to successfully use them, it is extremely useful to follow trends.

Dating apps rise and fall, and as a savvy internet dater, you need to be able to hop from one to the next. As the king of internet dating, Tinder is in decline, Badoo is rising up as the trendiest and most popular new dating app. It’s similar to older dating apps in some ways, but innovative in others. One of the most defining elements of Badoo is their Encounters system. Learning to use Encounters is vital if you want to meet someone through Badoo.

Download the App and Make a Profile

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Before you get to encounters, you have to get the app. Badoo has apps for iPhone and Android, as well as an online site, so no matter how you plan to browse, you should be able to get access. Download the app and set yourself up a profile: your name, what you’re looking for, your location, sex, etc. Basically, include everything that you are comfortable with sharing. The more detail that you provide in your profile, the more people will be able to match with you and judge compatibility with you. Once your profile is completed, you can begin Encounters, but there’s one more thing you should probably do first.

Post Your Interests and Photos

Encounters is based on matching different candidates by their interests and allows both people to judge each other based on those interests, and based on photos. Therefore, in order to be at all viable, you have to include both in your profile. Take as many flattering pictures as you can and post them (no “adult” photos are allowed, though). Also, be as specific as you can about your interests; someone might see “reading” and not think anything of it, but if they see that you share their favorite author, that might be the start of a conversation. The more you are able to put up, the better you will perform at Encounters

Play Encounters

Encounters is a game that Badoo uses to facilitate matching candidates on their app. It’s similar to swiping on Tinder, but more of a two-way street. Badoo Encounters will show you photos of all sorts of potential matches who share some interests with you. When you click on their photo, you are given three options, Yes, Maybe, and No. If you both click, Yes or Maybe, then both of you will be notified and given a private chat line. It’s a perfect way to quickly browse through people in your area who line up with what you’re looking for and choose the ones that you might be attracted to.


Badoo includes a number of features beyond the Encounters system. You can use a more refined search system if Encounters isn’t the manner of browsing that you like. When on another user’s profile, you are able to rate their photographs, which factors into their overall rating. The base app even allows you to see who has liked you, a paid feature on most other dating apps. The paid options for Badoo are the Badoo Super Powers, which makes it easier to see who would like to meet with you, all of the people who have liked you or made you a favorite, and promotes your own profile above other users’. If you want even more visibility, you can purchase Spotlight or Rise Up, two different manners of putting your profile at the top of potential matches’ searches.

If you use the app well and have a bit of luck, using Encounters will lead to some actual encounters in the real world. As is always the case with online dating, make sure you date safe. Meet with your date in a public area (even if you’re planning on getting more private quite soon). Let a friend know that you’ll be going on a date with a match from Badoo. If you’re planning to get physical, always remember to bring protection with you. Good luck, and fun Encounters!