Forget Tinder – 5 Easy Steps to Meet HOT Guys on Instagram


When most people think about meeting guys online the first dating app that comes to mind is Tinder. Yes, it is not hard to meet guys on Tinder but unfortunately, the quality of guys you meet on Tinder in most cases is pretty low. Let me ask you a question, which social platform has the hottest guys? Is it Tinder? Nope – It is actually Instagram. So why not start meeting guys on Instagram?

Meeting guys on Instagram does take a little bit more effort than just logging in and following any user who happens to be a cute or hot guy. If you want to be successful, you need to take the right steps.

So how can you meet guys on Instagram without coming across as desperate? Here 5 easy steps that will help you to land hot guys on Instagram

1) Look For Common Interests With the Guys You Like on Instagram

The content of a person’s Instagram photos usually involves things in their life that have meaning to them. Looking at those things will give you an idea of who the person is and can help you determine if they’re someone you would be interested in. If you’re not sure what to look for, then think about what YOU like. Having some kind of common interest, even if it’s something small, can at least get a conversation going. What you have in common could also be in the form of a mutual friend—who may even help with introductions. The content of a person’s Instagram photos can also tell you if there’s something about them that may be problematic should the two of you start a relationship or even interact. Think about conflicting views, pet peeves, and so on

2) Don’t Jump on the First Hot Guy You See

You don’t have to jump far ahead and direct message your undying love to someone you find attractive. Meeting a guy on Instagram does not need to be overly complex in order for something to develop from it. If there is someone that you find interesting and attractive on Instagram, start making connections by doing normal Instagram things. Like a photo they post that includes some of your interests and comment on them. If you know you’re both in the same area, then ask them if they want to meet in person for coffee after a few exchanges. Keep things simple and build a connection before going for it.

3) Watch Out For Fakes on Instagram

One of the biggest perks of Instagram is the ability to filter and edit your photos before you post, which can pose an issue if you are trying to meet someone. Some users go way overboard on the alterations for their photos, even going as far to stage the photo’s contents in order to create a particular image of themselves. While you can look for hints and signs that the two of you would get along as friends or as a couple, you need to keep an eye out for users who may be fake. It is possible that the person presented in the photos online may not match with the person posting them in real life. If they follow users that are polar opposites of what they present or their photos look too perfect, then you may want to take what you see with a grain of salt. Do the same with your own posts; be honest and avoid filtering your photos to death.

4) Avoid Being a Serial Instagram Liker

Serial likers, those people who sit on the app and like every single image that comes across their screens. Anyone who has ever been on the receiving end of a serial liker can agree that it comes across as a bit desperate and creepy. It’s safe to say that when you’re looking at the photos of a guy you like, you kind of want to avoid becoming a serial liker. You probably want to make your presence known to them without freaking them out or making them think you’re a stalker. Sticking to the more recent photos is also a good idea if you want to avoid sending the wrong message. Practice some restraint and keep your likes to no more than three to five photos at a time.

5) Wait For Them to Respond

One-sided interactions are not how you meet a guy. If anything, no response from the other party means that they are not interested and it’s time to move on. To make sure that you’ll actually get a response, take a break from sending your own signals and give them a chance. However, be reasonable with how much time you wait. Just because a guy doesn’t respond or interact with your feed within five minutes doesn’t mean he’s not interested. If they’re not online, they’re not going to be able to get your message and reciprocate it (or not). If they are interacting with others on their feed and not with you, regardless of how much time you wait, it may mean that they’re not interested.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online