Examples of What to Write on Bumble Dating Profile


So after hours of planning on what you would write on your Bumble profile, you find yourself struck with many questions. What type of users will your profile attract from not only your photos but what you write as well? Will how well you write play a factor in how many messages you may receive from those who are interested?

Truth be told, the answer is yes to all of those questions. Within this article, we will be discussing the dos and don’ts of Bumble profile writing and how you can improve your own profile.

Write with Confidence:

Of course, there is no way to detect someone’s tone over text, but although no one can hear your trembling voice just know that shy profile intros are very evident vs. stronger ones. Do not express any doubt within the 300 hundred word limit. No one visited your profile to see you speak poorly of yourself and your dating abilities.

Use this space to show off what you like to do and even sprinkle in some past achievements of yours. Before typing your profile greeting, put some thought into what you want people to know. Keep in mind that if you would like for people to know more about you the right ones will take an interest in you and possibly start a conversation. You can save the detail for then.

An example of a strong greeting would start out with what your main goal is when using this app and what interests you have that could possibly connect with others,

Example: A lover of scuba diving and an avid reader of novels. I’m hoping to find someone who enjoys similar hobbies. Maybe we can discuss some written works soon.

Strike a Conversation NOT a Debate:

There is no avoiding it, we all have our opinions and will jump to defend them at a drop of a time, but there is a time and a place for that. Try to avoid taboo topics at all costs unless it is brought up in a private conversation. People can be turned off by someone who has an opinion that opposes their own. Try starting off with something light-hearted such as; music interests, choice of television shows, etc.

Remember, you do not want to evoke a potential argument with someone who could have been the perfect fit. In due to time, once they get to know you a little better they will understand. You should try your hardest not to come off as rude and intimidating. If need be, try coming off as open to the opinions of others, but inform the reader of the fact that you will stay true to your own opinions too.

Wrong Example: I am a Republican and I have no time to converse with a Liberal.

Right Example: My political background is Republican, but I am also open to learning where others may stand.

Avoid Lying on Bumble:

You may think that making a little fib within your profile could potentially attract someone, but just know that you could easily find yourself caught in a web of lies. That one fib you made about traveling to some lavish country or working a job position that you have little to no experience in could possibly get you in a lot of trouble.

If you feel the need to sugarcoat a few things, try making those lies into aspirations.

Wrong Example:

I traveled to Rome and I now have my own plot of land.

Right Example:

Someday I would like to travel to Rome and maybe purchase some land.

Do Not Display Chauvinism:

This is not a game of battle of the sexes or who can do more than the other. This app is a grounds where you are looking to share or be informed on interests. Men do not like stereotyping just as women despise it. It is perfectly fine to take pride in who you are, but if you find that you are pressuring other’s to believe that you are superior to them, which can very well turn someone off.

Be neutral or avoid Chauvinistic behavior at all costs. No one wants to see a group they identify as being bashed on someone’s profile. Be sensitive to every group and try to avoid the “I’m better than you” type of attitude within your profile.

Check for Typos on Your Bumble Profile:

Before you post your profile, check for any typos or grammatical errors. There are some who deem typos as a sign of laziness or even being uneducated. Use a spellchecker or if it still does not look or sound right to you, get a friend to proofread it. One tiny fix could lead to a drastic change.

Finally, remember that there are many other dating websites you can try if you don’t get much luck on Bumble. Eharmony is another great alternative to Bumble if you are looking for a long-term relationship instead of a quick fling – Registration