Examples of How to Ask a Girl Out Over Text


You’ve been texting a girl and you want to take it to the next level: ask her out on a date. You are nervous, maybe because you have never done this before and are reading this article to find out how to successfully ask her out by text and get a yes. Well, you’ve come to the right place. Follow these steps and you’re sure to have a date.

Step One: Have the date planned

Before you even consider asking a girl out, make sure you have an idea of where you want to take her. It could be something as simple as coffee, or as adventurous as a day trip to San Francisco. You can use previous conversations you’ve had with her to get an idea of where to take her or what to do. Either way, you want to make sure you have something planned for the first date.

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The point here is that when you text her, you’ll already know where you want to take her. The conversation can lead to that point and you can ask her if she would like to go or do it with you. You won’t be fumbling with the typical “I don’t know” answer when she asks where you want to go. You’ll be the man with a plan, and it will definitely earn you brownie points in her book!

Step Two: Initiate the Conversation

Once you have the plan figured out, you will have to actually ask her out. At the same time, you don’t want to ask her out right off the bat. Start with a little bit of small talk. Ask her about her day, how she is feeling, and even do a little flirting.

The small talk gets her comfortable while also guiding you into the direction you want it to go. However, don’t let the conversation drone on. You’ll slowly lose your nerve otherwise. Once you get her to the topic you want, it’ll be now or never to ask her.

Step Three: Ask Her Out

Phrases like “will you go out with me” or “Would you like to go out on a date” are the easiest ways to ask her out. You’ve got the conversation going in the direction you want, now ask her out. Be polite and considerate. Saying something like “we need to go out on a date” can come across as forceful, making her hesitant about going out with you.

That being said, you want to be direct when you ask her out. Say something like, “Want to catch a movie?” or “Want to go to the concert in town Friday night?” The more specific you are, the better it will be when it comes time for her to respond. The less specific you are, the more indecisive her response will be.

Once you’ve asked her out you can take a deep breath. The hard part is over. You have asked her out and now the ball is in her court. Continuously asking her out will come off as either desperate or persistent and will drive her to say ‘no.’ Give her ample time to respond.

Step Four: Wait for her Response

It is now time for her to respond. It can end in one of two ways: a ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ If she says ‘yes,’ then finalize details with her. Make sure there are no loose ends so you don’t hit any speed bumps when it is time for the actual date.

You want to end the conversation off on a good note. Give it a meaningful ending that will remind her why she said ‘yes’ in the first place. This will impact your future dates (should you go out with her again). Saying something like “Can’t wait to see you Friday night!” will give her the impression you are excited about the date and have her looking forward to it as well.

Now, if she says ‘no’ there is no need to act rudely towards her in an attempt to preserve your male ego. Remember, she could think right now is not the good time to go out and may want to give it some time before going out with you. Angrily responding to a rejection can ruin possible chances of a future date. End the conversation on a good note and leave it at that.

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Asking a girl out over text can be tricky, but we have your solution. Follow these four steps and you are guaranteed to succeed in getting the right message across. Her response to your request is solely based on your language and behavior. Be polite and courteous. Give her a reason to say ‘yes’ and you will have success over text!