Can You Really Meet Girls on Craigslist or Backpage?


Nowadays people want instant gratification when it comes to finding a “hookup.” If you are getting desperate, you may find yourself on Craigslist or Backpage searching for someone to meet up with tonight. Do yourself a favor and do not put yourself in that situation, even if you are just curious. There are hundreds of dating apps that can get you a date in a timely manner. They may not make promises like some of the ads on craigslist, but you will not be risking anything. That is just what they are, by the way, ads. Do not be fooled. You could find yourself in a dangerous situation.

Craigslist and Backpage are not only not liable for misbehavior on their site, but they also do very little to prevent it from happening. So what could possibly go down when someone replies to and ad and follows through with a meetup?

Everything goes as planned.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

There is a fraction of a percent chance that you meet up with a girl and there are no surprises and everything goes as you expected. It will not happen.

Not who they say they are.

People who advertise themselves on the internet are often not who they say they are. You learned that from dateline many years ago. Chances are if you are not a child, then it will not be a predator (one huge reason to keep kids away from Craigslist and Backpage.) Nevertheless, it could still be someone dangerous. People know that people go on the sites to look for sex. What is to stop a drug addict from posting an ad so he or she can rob you in order to get their fix? It could also be an undercover cop.

Backpage girls…Strings attached

More often than not, the girl you are meeting up with works in the world’s oldest profession. Again, these are ads. These are not “hookups” with no strings attached. You will be played by the ad posted online. If you think that these are real genuine ads on these websites then you are crazy. No sane person with any experience on the internet just looking for a good time would write what is written in some of these ads. So you will find yourself in the middle of a sticky situation most likely resulting in a financial transaction coerced by threats.

Her…and her pimp

Say you do find yourself in that situation with a girl who is clamoring for money. Say you decide to walk away from the situation. In addition, on your way out of the apartment you run into a man. He gets in your face about leaving the situation you were just in. Now you are in a very dangerous situation. Most of the girls on Backpage and Craiglist work for pimps. And if a pimp is involved, then you had better believe he has his eye on her. Dealing with a girl who wants money for her company is one thing, but when you find yourself face to face with her pimp, you know you are in murky water. Many of the stories you will hear about Craigslist or Backpage involve a girl and her pimp robbing solicitors when they attempt to walk away from the transaction. That is a very dangerous position to put yourself in.

Stop yourself before you even get curious. These sites are not for dating, and they are not for hooking up. These sites can be tragic. Trafficking is a massive problem across the globe. And thousands of young American girls with nothing are exploited commercially for sex. These girls are plucked from the streets at the age of 13 on average. They grow up in that world not knowing anything else. These sites are a part of the problem. The internet has increased the problem by increasing the demand. People troll the internet looking for sex now. And the people who profit from selling sex use it to their advantage. There are more girls at risk than ever before due to this demand.

Do you really want to be a part of the problem too? It is bad enough to do nothing while this happens every day. How could you live knowing you contributed to the problem? The only way to change things is to change our behavior on the internet. It should be used for communicating, connecting, and learning. There are legitimate things that can be bought on Craigslist and BackPage. Please, do yourself and many others a favor by staying away from this type of behavior on these sites. It is good for no one. Instead, try where you can find both singles looking for a quick hookup and long term relationship.