Can Tinder be Used for Dating or Just Hooking up?


Tinder can be used both for dating and hooking up depending on your intentions. Tinder dating app is an app that goes by many pseudo names and has many different uses according to the users. Formed on September 12 of 2012, Tinder was one of the first ever apps that allowed people to geographically find users and only talk to the ones they found attractive.

In order to talk to someone on Tinder, a user must not only find another user attractive but that user must also find them attractive and form a match. The profiles are highly limiting, only allowing you to put up a quick bio and share a few pictures from Facebook.

Is Tinder only good for booty calls?

Many people say that Tinder is good for nothing but booty calls and the late night desperate searches for sex. Is Tinder good for anything other than sexual encounters or is that the calling of the application? To answer this question, we have to look at a broader niche, such as the dating niche. The term “Netflix and chill” which is obviously just slang for have sex has been around far longer than Netflix. The term itself might be new but the idea has been used since the beginning of time.

In the 50s and 60s when driving through movies were a thing, do you honestly think all of those couples were meeting up to see the movie? No, men were wooing women in the hopes to take them to a drive through a movie and get some action. Nothing has changed since then except for the technology available to people to pursue such interests. If men or women want to find random partners to have sexual encounters with, they’re going to use whatever technologies they can get a hold of to do so.

Using Tinder for Hooking Up

It’s perfectly normal to think that Tinder is nothing more than a cesspool of horny people and late night drunks looking for one thing. The process for hooking up generally goes like this:

  • You’re drunk, bored or just flat out horny looking for a little side action.
  • You load up Tinder and start swiping right on every person you find attractive.
  • You’re hopeful that someone you’ve swiped right on will return the favor and swipe right on you.
  • You’ll exchange some messages and hope that they agree to meet you somewhere (what we can assume is a shady cheap motel or low rate hotel).

Hooking up is not a complicated process and using Tinder for hooking up isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Also, it’s a bad thing for people who swipe right non-stop every time their limit is up.

The Tinder Limit And Why it’s Good

If you didn’t know, Tinder has a limit on how many people you can swipe in a certain period of time. This is good for a couple of reasons.

  • People who consistently swipe until they reach their limit will be out of the game quicker. This means, that if you’re a man, then some of your competition is unknowingly eliminating themselves by swiping right until their daily limit is reached.
  • People who do this are also bombarded with matches that they may have never even wanted. This creates bloat and enforces people to make better decisions when swiping. As if Tinder wasn’t superficial enough, now you need to be careful who you’re superficial about in a 24 hour time period. Don’t worry, though, the limit is pretty high so if you’re being selective, you more than likely won’t reach it.

Using Tinder for Dating

As far as dating goes, there are countless stories online about people meeting up via Tinder and hitting it off. Truth be told, most people are looking for love. Even if it’s through some meaningless act of sex over Tinder or a drunken decision. Human nature is to want to be touched, to want to carry on the family name and to want to find the most suitable partner to do so.

While there’s no real data or accurate statistics on how many people use Tinder just for dating, I’d be willing to bet far more people use it to find a significant other than you think. Not everyone is a mindless sex machine, humans have basic needs and in the end, most people just want to find love.

In conclusion, don’t jump to conclusions just because that guy you matched sent you a picture of his package and asked you to meet him at a $30 motel. Not every guy and girl on there are looking for superficial things or a hookup. If your aim is to meet a significant other or settle down, you can’t force it or expect it to happen because it can happen where you least expect it.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online