Best Apps for Sexting Strangers


Everyone has sex, even those who live pretty far away from those they would like to have sex regularly with. Sexting has become the unspoken universality of the text messaging world, as it doesn’t have the eavesdrop potential of a phone call where you have to use your voice.

But with the advent of social media and the mass appeal of downloadable phone apps, companies have, whether knowingly or otherwise, provided many new alternatives to your standard text messaging system you have on your phone. Whether faster, cheaper, or just more private than their contemporaries, there is a myriad of apps practically readymade for cozier sexting. So if you want a more private messaging app for you and your lover of the day’s private moments, consider the following apps to suit that very need.

#1. Signal private messaging

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Previously known as TextSecure, Signal is a private messaging app that lets you send audio, text, and even video calls to anyone you want around the world for free. Signal has gained accolades from security companies and experts alike for its airtight security and message encryption, and an equal amount of praise for its user-friendly interface. If you do not want someone to see what you’re sending another person, your best bet is Signal. Making it ideal for the careful sexter.

#2. Between – Private couples app

For the especially committed couple, there’s Between. Think of it like your own personal album you get to share. You and your partner only have to make one account, shared between you two, and you can then share pictures, recordings, videos, anything you want the other to see to know you care about them. But there are also more private features, which can only be seen by you and your partner, even if you show someone else the app. This messaging system is perfect for a serious relationship that would prefer their more “personal” messages be kept from prying eyes, but sexting has found a nice cozy home here as well.

#3. Kik

Formerly known as Blackberry Messenger, the company shifted gears and became Kik after WhatsApp’s absolute domination of the texting app scene. On the surface, Kik looks like just another text messaging app, but anyone with even basic knowledge of mobile app security will notice the surprising amount of security that this app sports. This has caused the app to become a hotbed of sexual activity since Kik’s above average level of security makes anonymous messaging easier and safer. Simply by putting in a username instead of your phone number, Kik gives you the ability to send all kind of images, videos, and other sorts of messages to whomever you want in a secure fashion.

#4. Snapchat

Just as all rivers lead to the sea, all talk of sexting eventually comes back to Snapchat. Objectively the most popular app for sexting, Snapchat has, though unspoken in polite conversation, become synonymous with the act, practically from its launch in 2011. This has everything to do with the fact that every image you send to the other person completely disintegrates into the ether after a certain amount of time. Making the act of sending nude pics to any stranger interested in such safe and secure. Especially since how long the image lasts before detonation is completely at your command. And if you’re worried about your social media followers seeing you send total strangers pics of your junk, Snapchat tells you right off that it has no ability to connect to social media, and will in no way ask you to rectify that. In other words: what happens on Snapchat, stays Snapchat.

#5. Dust

But what if you want to send text messages to coincide with your naughty pics? That’s where Dust comes in. Dust serves many of the functions Snapchat has but offers both pictures and text messaging functions. And like the pics, every message will disappear after a certain amount of time. Permanent storage remains wholly untouched by this app, so anonymously sexting with strangers is practically consequence-free.

Sexting has practically become an industry unto itself. More and more messaging apps are being created with complete anonymity and secure messaging in mind, seemingly for this exact purpose. It is the unspoken truth of owning a mobile device: if you own one and you’re of a certain age, you have most definitely either done it with someone or really want to. Luckily there are more apps being made each day that will suit your needs in that regard. So if you often enjoy sexting with strangers, it’s hard to go wrong with these messaging apps.