9 Best Dating Messages to Get Replies on OkCupid


Sending a good message on OkCupid can make a huge difference in the reply rate and the number of people willing to go out on a date with you. First of all, if you are not familiar with OkCupid, it is a big free dating website with a large number of members from all over the world. In terms of quality, it is probably one of the best free dating websites.

OkCupid might not be as good as Match.com but if you are looking for a girlfriend or even a wife it is a good place to start. In terms of free dating websites, the only one that comes close to it is POF. Tinder is pretty good as well but it is used mostly by younger guys and girls who just want to get laid and it is not the perfect place if you are looking for something more than just a fling. View pics for free now on Match.com, the #1 dating site!

So what kind of messages should you send to get replies on OkCupid?

I spoke to a few girls, who use online dating, and asked them what kind of messages they usually receive and from what they told me around 60% of messages are either “Hey, how are you?”, “What’s up gorgeous?” or the combination of two. As you can see it doesn’t take much creativity to write a message that will allow you to stand up. I always wondered why would guys send short messages mentioned above if the girls almost never reply to them. My theory is that these messages sometimes do work if it’s sent to the right girl and at the right moment. However, since the reply rate is so low you will have to send up to 30 messages to get a single reply. This method is extremely ineffective and quality of girls you will meet will not be high and that’s why sending unique good written messages is the much better strategy if you are looking for someone you can actually date. Since most of us guys are not really creative and it does take a time to write good messages we came with 7 that will help you to get more dates on OkCupid or any other dating website for that matter.

  • Hey GIRL’S_NAME I just can’t get enough of your smile! Hope your night is as exciting as your photos. A little about myself – my name is YOUR_NAME, my aspirations are travelling, seeing the world, getting some sun and making every moment count! How are you?
  • I honestly much rather be where you are in your pictures. How is your day so far?
  • I believe one’s hopes and dreams can tell a lot about their personality. What are your top 3 goals on your bucket list and why?
  • Hey GIRL’S_NAME, how are you? After reading your profile, you seem like a unique person who lives a balanced life of work and play. You appear to have your life in order which is good. So what places have you been to so far? By the way, I really like your hair 🙂
  • I may have a small crush on you right now. Only respond if you are ok with receiving unlimited compliments and engaging contact with the man of your dreams!!!
  • Hey, you have a great smile 🙂 how are you?
  • You probably get hit on in the most annoying ways possible. So I hope I can be a breath of fresh air for you. I just wanted to ask and see if you would be interested in doing something really random? But if something random and crazy is too much, how does a cup of coffee or drink sound? Or maybe just chat and get to know each other! How is your day so far?
  • Hey 🙂 you seem fun and easy going, but from your pictures, I am guessing you are quite adventures as well!!! Did you do anything exciting lately?
  • Hey, how are you? Any plans for the weekend? I travel lots as well… where have you last been? Where are you planning going next?

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online