8 Reasons Why Nightclubs and Bars Suck for Meeting Girls


If you ever been to the club or bar you know that meeting girls there is not easy. Popular media makes us believe that clubs and bars are the best places for finding someone special. In fact, the only reason some guys get lucky in the club is because they are persistent and they can handle rejections until they meet someone who is too drunk to say no.

Even for women nightclubs are not the best places to meet boyfriend since most people who go there are just looking for a one night stand.

Here are 8 main reasons why nightclubs suck for picking up women:

  • Clubs are expensive to get in. You will have to spend at least 10-20 bucks to get in and even then after you pay you might find out that the place is actually empty. After that, you will probably have to spend more money on overpriced liquor for yourself and a girl.
  • Clubs are loud and having a meaningful conversation is really hard. Depending on how close you are to the speakers even saying your name might be a problem.
  • Most girls who come to clubs have inflated egos due to guys constantly hitting on them. If you are not good looking you will have serious problems getting girls’ attention.
  • Many girls just go to clubs to get guys attention and to feel more confident. This is especially true with the girls who don’t get much attention during the day. Ever seen a girl who would dance with one guy, then the next or even make out with multiple guys? These are usually the ones who go to clubs to get attention from guys.
  • Most girls or guys who come to the club are not really looking for a boyfriend/girlfriend and are either having a good time or are looking for a one night stand.
  • Catching STDs is much easier with the girl in the club because if she slept with you on the first night she met you, you can bet she did it with someone else as well. Plus if you add alcohol to this, then it is most definitely that the protection wasn’t the first thing on her mind.
  • You have to deal with all kinds of weirdos in the club who will try to cockblock you. From big guys who look like they are spending all their free time in the gym and their only food is the protein to random drunk dudes.
  • Lots of competition from other guys. Most clubs seem to have more guys than girls for some reason and it means that you will have to compete with other guys.

So should you even go to clubs to meet women? Yes, you should but only if you are having a good time there. However don’t be that guy who goes to clubs two times a week just to pick up girls and only gets lucky once a month. If you do, you will only be wasting money and you might even start losing your confidence especially if it takes half a night for you to approach someone. There are much easier ways to meet girls such as just approaching girls on the street, college or even at your workplace. If you want something that will be faster and more effective than just approaching women on the street join a reputable dating website.

What is the alternative to bars and clubs?

Dating websites are the easiest places to meet girls. First of all, it became completely acceptable to have a profile on the dating website, while before the popular belief was that only ugly, fat and desperate people use them. In fact, most of the girls who go to clubs are already using online dating and there is no need for you to go out to clubs and get complete wasted to meet them. It is not smart, effective, fast or cheap. Obviously using online dating requires some work as well but we already did most of it for you. Here are on My Dating Hacks you will find the largest collection of dating messages on the Internet. We also will post examples of dating profiles that will get you a large number of responses. The first step will be joining a decent dating website with lots of users such as Match. Match.com is one of the largest dating websites in the world and you will have a large number of girls to choose from. View pics for free now on Match.com, the #1 dating site!

Lastly, don’t rely on just one place to meet girls and use both. See which one suits your personality the best. Have fun and remember that dating is just an awesome game and just as with any other game it requires practice before you can score.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online