8 Easy Steps to Meet, Attract, and Date Wealthy Men?


Dating a wealthy guy is a dream for many ladies out there. Rich men tend to be driven, ambitious, powerful, and able to offer security. There are 8 steps that you need to take if you want to meet, attract, date or even marry a wealthy man.

Just because you haven’t met a wealthy guy yet it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. If you are ready to stop dating the deadbeats, here is how to snag yourself a man with some money.

  1. Be The Best Looking Version of Yourself

Rich men are often seen with beautiful women because they know that they can get the best. This doesn’t mean running to the plastic surgeon’s office or going on extreme diets though. Instead, just try to be the best looking version of yourself that you possibly can. Keep up with your exercise and healthy diet, skin care and hair care. Looking healthy is extremely attractive and you can amplify your natural looks with proper makeup, hair styling, and clothes. Always take pride in how you look so that a wealthy guy can feel proud to have you on his arm.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

2. Be Impressive

It’s unlikely that a wealthy and ambitious guy is going to want to date someone who hasn’t experienced, achieved, or done much of anything in their lives. Don’t lie or try to be someone you’re not but make an effort to work on yourself before going after a wealthy partner. Think about your career, do some traveling, get involved with volunteer work, or learn some useful skills that will show off your passions and ambitions.

3. Get a Job at a Country Club

Rich guys tend to hang around country clubs; networking, drinking and playing golf. While it might not be possible for you to actually join one, try working at one instead. Pick up a bartending or serving job at one of these places and you may find yourself surrounded by rich men. While you’re there, try to talk to as many people as you can, let your personality shine and don’t forget to mention that you are single and looking. The more you chat, show your personality, and let the men around know that you are looking for a partner, the better chance you will have at reaching that goal.

4. Try a Dating Site

There seems to be a dating site for everything these days, including finding rich men. Try Millionaire Match, Sugar Daddy Meet, Established Men, Rich Men and Seeking Millionaire. These sites exist to pair women with exactly the kind of guy they are trying to meet so it can take a lot of the guesswork out of the entire process. Date a Millionaire today. Find them at Sugardaddie.com, as seen on TV.

5. Be Confident

Whoever you are and whatever you do, just be the most confident that you can. Accomplished men are attracted to confidence in a woman so this is what could really help you win them over for sure. This plays into your looks as well as your mind and the way that you carry yourself. The first thing you can tackle is trying to look your best. If you take some time to keep up with your beauty routine and put together outfits that you feel good about, confidence will come with ease. Also, be confident in your work and never seem insecure if you want to appear more confident than ever.

6. Hang Out at The Race Track

Rich men often spend their time at the race track doing a bit of socializing and gambling. If you can attend some of these events, do it! You will be surrounded by successful men and will be more easily able to enter into conversation with them and even join their social circle.

7. Earn Respect

Rich men love beautiful women but don’t be the girl that he meets, sleeps with and tosses away. You will want to earn his respect if you plan on keeping him around so make sure not to sleep with him on the first date. Even though these guys may be looking to have some fun, you want to make yourself seen as the women they can settle down with and trust. Do your best to keep this balance and it could do wonders for you.

8. Be Wife Material

That being said, there are a few things that you can do to be “wife material.” Appear to be stable in both your mental capacity and in your social and career life. Have a life that doesn’t revolve around him by taking a class, learning a new skill, mingling with others socially, or taking on new career projects.