7 Best Places to Meet Single Men Over 50


Older men are often associated with maturity and wisdom which something that many seem to lust after. Finding ideal spots aimed towards single men over 50 can create quite a hassle. You may live in a town that you deem as a bore or you may just want to find a place where older men often flock to.

The trick is you must go to places where the scene is not targeted towards the younger generation. Why go to a club filled with men in their twenties when there is possibly a bar down the street filled with men 50 and up? Below are locations where you could possibly meet men over 50.

  1. Discover local wine tasting venues

This is not to say that you will not find any younger men around these venues, but let’s face it older men seem to enjoy more of a calming atmosphere. They are no longer into the fast paced club scene and just want a calming place to have some down time. When you arrive there and have gotten yourself used to the surrounding of the venue, look for your ideal type of man. Once you spot him you can choose to carry on a conversation with them about wine or other topics.

2. Public transportation

There are people of all ages who ride trains and buses on a daily basis. This is especially common in larger cities. Who knows, by just looking up from your phone you could potentially find your ideal type. Some may take a man riding public transportation as a red flag, but there are circumstances that could prevent them from driving their cars. It could be because of traffic, personal preference, or they could want to give back to the environment. During some small talk, you could find out even more things about them.

3. Local grocery stores

Just as with public transportation, you can meet people of all ages here, including those who are over 50. This could also give insight on their shopping and eating habits. If you like to eat healthily you can stroll over to your potential mate’s aisle and discuss the food items with him or express your own curiosities. Given, if you are not a fan of healthy eating you can still use this tactic to your advantage. If your eating habits are the complete opposite, maybe ask for tips to change that.

4. Local coffee shops

This tip may come off as strenuous since there are those who are cranky before they order the everyday morning cup of Joe. Before greeting him, take a look at what he is doing and his facial expressions. If he is busily typing away on his laptop while drinking or waiting on his coffee maybe you should wait until he is finished to speak to him, for he may be a busy man. When he seems to be finished you can strike up a conversation with him. You may even want to invite him for coffee sometime after your conversation.

5. Sporting Events

It serves as no secret that most men love their sports. A plus is if you both are rooting for the same team. Having a commonality of any sort can give you a few bonus points in scoring the potential man of your dreams. While standing in line for tickets or while waiting for food, you can strike up a conversation from there. They would be happy to share their excitement for their home team with you.

6. Try online dating apps

This would have to be one of the easiest ways to find older men. You will find that there is absolutely no shortage of men with these websites. Men will be there every hour of the day and you will have more to choose from than you would at some public outing. These days, who doesn’t use the internet? You could meet older men on many popular websites, or you could even type in “dating websites” in your search engine and go from there. If you find someone who is not your type with just a swipe or click you could move on to the next profile until you find a man that peaks your interest. Single Seniors in Your Area Free! – Match.com

7. Venture out

In the end, if you are used to being a homebody or choose to stay in your comfort zone, you should try venturing out into other sections of the dating scene. You could potentially find an older man who is everything you wanted in a place you never looked before.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online