5 Reasons Why You are Not Getting Replies on POF, OkCupid or Tinder


Let’s face it – online dating is hard for guys. Getting a good reply rate on POF, OkCupid or Tinder requires lots of work and time. However, it shouldn’t be this way and there are always shortcuts to make you online dating easier and less time-consuming. Below we will go over the reasons why you are not getting replies and will see if there is anything you can do about.

Let’s start!

Not every girl is interested or finds you attractive

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

Yes, it is possible that you are not getting replies because some girls are just not interested in you, but in many cases, it only means that your profile is not optimized properly. Your pictures suck or your “About Me” section is boring and doesn’t turn girls on. You can increase your reply rate by 100 percent just by getting better pictures and getting feedback on your profile from one of your female friends and then optimizing it. If you don’t have any female friends and you have no clue what to do, just go over some good profiles of other guys on a dating website you are using. I know, it might sound weird but there is nothing wrong with spying on your competition. Make sure however that you don’t copy the whole profile word to word.

A good way to make sure that you are using the best photos you have is to upload some of the photos to a photo rating website like “Hot or Not” and then use the photos that receive the highest rating on your dating profile.

Girls didn’t get a chance to read your message

Some girls, especially extremely good looking ones receive a few dozen messages a day and obviously they don’t read all the messages fully. That’s why it is important to write unique messages that will allow you to stand out. Having a great subject line in your message will also help you to stand out and catch girls’ attention.

Some girls are too shy to reply

Yes, it is true that some girls are really shy and even if they like you they will not reply, especially if you come across as a bold guy. If you suspect that the girl you are messaging is shy, make sure your message conveys that you are down to the earth friendly guy.

Girls who are using dating websites for entertainment and self-validation

A large number of girls and even some guys use online dating for self-validation. They just create a profile and wait to see how many people will message them. Often they would not reply back because they are either already in a relationship or are not looking for anyone. In the same category are girls who use online dating for entertainment. Those girls might reply to you but they are not looking for a date. There is nothing really you can do to get replies from those girls. The best way is to join a dating website that caters towards people who are serious in dating and looking for long term relationship. Match.com is a good place to start. View pics for free now on Match.com, the #1 dating site!

Fake profiles on dating websites

Lastly, there are fake profiles. There are numerous reasons why somebody would create a fake profile: spam, research, entertainment, spying on a boyfriend or ex and etc.

As you can see there are many reasons and factors why you might not be getting replies. Some of those factors you can control while others you can’t. If you control the factors you can, you will be in top 5% of guys who actually have success in online dating. Always remember that dating is a numbers game.