4 Romantic Topics to Talk With a Girlfriend


When you are dating you want to be able to talk and be romantic with your girlfriend, but coming up with topics is not always the easy. You don’t want to be cliché or cheesy, but you also want to be able to express yourself in the best way possible to show your girlfriend how you care for her.

However, knowing what to say in order to express your feelings properly may leave you feeling at a loss. If you want romantic topics to talk about with your girlfriend, talk about how she makes you feel and specific things you like about her personality and appearance.

Tell Her How She Makes You Feel

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This may seem like a simple thing to say, but it is likely to get you very far. Explain what it feels like when you hold hands or kiss. How does your heart feel? What emotions are flowing through you when you look at her or when you talk to her? Tell her that she makes you happy or how your life would be different without her. Don’t be afraid to be venerable and open. At the end of the day, she will feel closer to you if she knows that you truly care and are being honest with her.

The Things You Like About Her

Tell her what you like about the way she dresses, acts, looks, or the things she says. Tell her the cute little things that make you happy or the little habits she has that you love. Does she wear her hair a certain way that you like? Does she have a mole you find particularly cute? Does she smile in a way that makes her eyes crinkle? Tell her these things! When she sees that you pay attention and notice her, the romance will blossom and she will open up to you. She will also learn to appreciate little things about herself that she might not have before. You will help be romantic as well as give her butterflies every time she does something she knows you like or dress her in a way you appreciate.

Talk About the Future Together

This is a sure fire way to get the emotions and romance rolling. When you talk about how you see her in your future, she will know that you are taking her seriously. A marriage, kids, or a home will create a vision with her that will spark romantic conversation and create scenarios where you both will see each other as more than something that is happening in the moment. She will begin to visualize a domestic life with you that will make you feel the romance bloom even stronger than before. Romance doesn’t always have to be poetry. Sometimes a simple domestic life can be one of the most romantic things that you can picture.

Talk About Sex

It might not seem like a romantic topic, but sometimes talking about sex can help make the romance grow. Tell her about the things you would like to do with her or how she makes you feel sexual. Talk about how you want to please her and make her happy. She will be sure to appreciate it and be flustered. However, make sure you are not being crude when you talk to her. Keep it light and fluffy and back off if you think you might be taking it too far. If you make sure to talk nicely and appreciate her, sex can be some of the most romantic things you can talk about with your partner.

Overall, if you are looking to be romantic with your partner, just be honest and tell them how you are feeling. Your partner will appreciate the honesty and see you as a partner worth investing in as well as make it so you become closer. Tell her how she makes you feel, how you feel about her, about how the future involves the both of you, and how you trust her with the topic of sex. These topics will make the romance spark and you will be able to help develop your relationship in ways you never thought you could before. If you follow these steps you will have a relationship you can appreciate for eons to come and be able to have conversations that are more romantic than anything you ever thought you might be able to say before.