29 Best Tinder Opening Lines That Actually Work

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Here we came up with best opening lines that will help you in getting numbers and dates on Tinder. Downloading Tinder to your phone and creating the profile is just half of the job. You will also need to write unique and flirty messages that will be seductive enough that the girls will reply to them.

Keep in mind that girls on Tinder receive dozens of messages from their matches and therefore if you are not extremely good looking you might need to work a little more to get a reply. Here we collected 29 Tinder opening lines that will give you a head start. Whenever using opening lines you found online don’t forget to change them slightly to fit your personality.

  1. Alright, so here’s what I’m thinking. We will sneak into the hotel downtown as staff and steal all of the building keys and gain roof access. Might have to go undercover for a while. Then we get our hands on some wingsuits and test them out off of the tallest skyscraper 😉 What’re your thoughts?
  2. Hey, you have beautiful eyes 🙂 So when you say “looking for a relationship” does that mean you’re just looking for someone to smack your ass and buy you pizza? Lol It’s ok, I know you’re blushing too hard to think of a response, but “Hi” usually works well 😛
  3. Hey 🙂 I saw your profile and honestly thought you are really attractive, I know it’s not a fancy pick up line, but I’d really like to talk and get to know you 🙂
  4. Hey GIRL’S_NAME 🙂
    What was the best part of your day today? Anything that you can look back upon where a smile can just not be contained from shining through?
  5. I’m not a photographer but I think me and you will be picture perfect. :). What’s your favorite exotic vacation destination?
  6. Hi GIRL’S_NAME 🙂
    You sound awesome and down to earth. Beauty and brains 🙂
  7. Wow, that hair is so long it looks beautiful GIRL’S_NAME. Your photos are amazing 🙂 Where are you from cutie?
  8. Hey, how are you? Can I ask you a question? I want someone’s honest opinion 🙂
  9. Hey GIRL’S_NAME 🙂 Out of curiosity…What does a guy have to do to take you out for dinner? I’m not asking because of your pictures. Don’t get me wrong…You’re beautiful but there’s something about your profile that caught my attention.
  10. Hey 🙂 I prefer real face to face communication but sometimes you have to give it a try elsewhere 🙂 How was your day? Anything exciting you want to share?
  11. Hi 🙂 It’s nice to “meet” you, my name is YOUR_NAME. Based on your pictures, it looks like you’ve traveled to some pretty interesting places. What other exotic destinations you want to visit in the near future?
  12. The view in your pictures is almost as beautiful as you are! What been your favorite place you have traveled to so far?
  13. Hey GIRL’S_NAME. I feel we both have the same attitude and way of living. I love traveling and going to luxury and exotic places as well. I have my bucket list which I want to compete with a partner like you.Did you do anything exciting lately?
  14. Hey 🙂 I’m sure a lot of guys on here must say the same thing but I personally had to tell you that I think you have a wonderful smile and beautiful eyes
  15. Hey there gorgeous how are you tonight? I am also looking for Mrs right! Let’s get in trouble together?
  16. Hey 🙂 My name is YOUR_NAME and I might be your Mr. Right. Well maybe. Hopefully. What are some of the exotic places you’ve been to? 🙂
  17. You’re hot, and I’m hot. It’s almost as though it’s meant to be. We must hang out. I suggest tea if you’re a good tea partner
  18. I like your face and smile :). You seem like a nice girl who’s down to earth. Tell me… What’s the most exciting thing I did recently?
  19. Hey GIRL’S_NAME! How’s it going? 🙂 If you had to pick one: a day at the beach, the day on the mountain, the day having patio drinks? :p
  20. If you were the princess in Shrek that was being held captive in a castle, and I even knew you would turn green, I’d save you
  21. Why, hello, my fellow gangster, I feel you appear attractive and potentially not uncool; thus it seems that my awesomeness would be most complementary to your life, and possibly vice versa.
  22. Hey, I think you’re cute and worth getting to know, hence me sending you a message. I don’t really have some clever or cheesy line for you just thought I’d introduce myself, so hi I’m YOUR_NAME I am currently addicted to re-watching Lost this week and well I’ll leave you with those cool or not so cool traits about me, hopefully you like some of it and hit me back, have a good day 🙂
  23. Hi GIRL’S_NAME, first off you seem sweet and genuine secondly you have a lovely smile. Would love if we can talk. Did anything exciting lately?
  24. You are absolutely stunning! How am I lucky enough to find such a gem like yourself?? You’re an exotic traveler aren’t you? Where have you been, what’s the next location on your bucket list??
  25. Geez showing off the abs and booty on purpose aren’t you? lol love the pics. You are adorable J How was your day?
  26. Hey, how are you doing, GIRL’S_NAME? What does your Mr. Right look like? 🙂
  27. I might be too bold but you are absolutely stunning 🙂 How are you doing?
  28. Hi, do you like the romantic type? I’m the type who would give you flowers for no reason, or who would always text you or call you just to know how you’re doing. I’m the type of person to be there when you need me most or just to kick it and share a couple of laughs. If not, I can be bad boy as well:)
  29. Hey GIRL’S_NAME. It’s such a pleasure to see a lady who has a drive for work, a passion for seeing the rest of the world and a bit of a cheeky / humorous side haha If you are also interested in meeting someone who has a heart of gold and loves to meet new people then I’d be happy to talk! If not, then I wish the best of luck in your endeavor to find your special someone!

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Dating Website Why You Should Join? Age Check it Out
  • Largest dating website in the world.
18-60+ Try Match.com
  • Ideal if you are looking for a serious relationship.
  • Ideal for mature singles